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Posted by Kirbo (Member # 304) on :
"The Legend of Billie Jean" totally needs a DVD release. It is most excellant and one of my faveourite movies of all time. Yet it was a box office flop :s That sucks! So underated. But so was Heathers when it came out and look at it now? Its regarded as a cult classic! And it has such a star treated DVD release...when will Billie Jean get one?
Columbia tristar are dumb for nto releasing this movie and I don't know how many more viewings my vhs can take. lol.
But for real. This movie needs a release soon. Very soon. Does anyone know if there are actually any plans in the near future for one?

I'd most apreciate it

Posted by Cherry Valance (Member # 103) on :
I haven't seen "The Legend of Billie Jean" yet...but im going to rent it from the video store next time i go...
I was wondering because i rented "Rebel without a cause" starring James Dean...
Is James Dean & Billie Jean related???
Posted by Kirbo (Member # 304) on :
hey, Billie Jean rocks and it will be one of the best movies you'll ever see dude :-)
lol, she has nothing to do with James Dean. Though he's cool! And she's a rebel with a cause dude, WITH. totally! lol.
Once your done watching the film you'll wanna scream "fair is fair!" at your TV

Be sure to post a review on the board once you've seen it :-)
later dude

Posted by Cherry Valance (Member # 103) on :
Now im dying to watch it!!!
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Cherry Valance asked:
Is James Dean & Billie Jean related???

No, but Billie is related to my hit song of the same name! LOL

Michael Jackson

Posted by Cherry Valance (Member # 103) on :
Oh yeah!!!
I love that song!!!
I have it!!!
Its sooo cool!!!

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