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Posted by Hollywood86 (Member # 226) on :
Do any of you remember that music video, with that woman dressed in a suit? She had red hair and it was cut real short. Almost like a crew cut. Anyway she sings a song, that has these words in it.

Sweet dreams are made of the year
Who am I to disagree...

What's the name of that song?


Posted by BobC (Member # 82) on :
It was called "Sweet Dreams" or "Sweet Dreams are made of this" by the Eurythmics. Marilyn Manson did a remake of it recently.
Posted by born in the eighties (Member # 627) on :
hollywood, are you kiddin???lol if u serious im sorry then..shs annie lennox in the group erythmics, that song was a classik!!!aint she big in america??or was big??
Posted by Hollywood86 (Member # 226) on :
Nah man, I'm not kiddin. I'm only 15, I was born in 86. And I'm very fond of the 80's! I heard part of that song on the radio, and it's been driving me crazy to find out the name and who sings it! I'm sure it is a classic, isn't everything from the 80's?? Lol Thanks BobC and Born In The Eighties, for your help!


Posted by born in the eighties (Member # 627) on :
iight bro no problem, iight sorry if i offended you..good lookin..1
Posted by Bridgette Marie (Member # 88) on :
Hey Hollywood,

Yep, that video was by Eurythmics. Dude, if u need any help with any other 80's videos, I might be able to help ya out. I'm only 21, born in 1981, but I still remember a lot of the videos. I even remember taping some of them off my vcr when I was like just a toddler, lol.

And oh yeah, born in the 80's, youre not from America? Haha, where r u from then? LOL, sorry, its just I always assume everybody's from America, although there are like a lot of people from Europe that check out this site too.

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