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Posted by CPL Hicks (Member # 93) on :
Hey guys,

Here's a question for ya ;-) How do you feel about sequels? I think there are some pretty good sequels out there, some better then there originals. Take "Aliens".
And there were some pretty good "Nightmare on elm street" sequels to, take "Dream Warriors "or "The Dream Master". Although they weren't as good as the original, there still gems. and hehe, I know many of you will dissagree with me, but take "Splash Too".

Sequels, just lessor efforts of the original, or essential continuations from the original??

Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
Generally, I'd say that sequels tend to be inferior copies of the originals (Home Alone 3, Mannequin 2, Teen Wolf 2, Look Who's Talking <please insert number here>). There are exceptions, but these tend to be where there is either (a) a long gap between the movies (for example, Terminator 1 and 2, or the Die Hard series) or where the key plot elements lend themselves to a few movies (Alien, Star Trek even-numbered movies).

On the whole, I'd guess that I'd rather see originals than sequels, but here's a question - which movie would you have LIKED to see a sequel of? I think it'd be fun to see an Uncle Buck 2, if only for the fact that this would have meant one more John Candy movie before the great man's sad departure.

Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
Tim olyphant waxed lyrical about sequels in Scream 2 (which was a good sequel) but for every Aliens theres a Speed 2 whilst theres just no need for proposed sequels to The lost boys or Ferris Bueller as it just undermines the orginals; stuff like Lethal Weapon works because its a standard cop show on a big scale

personally I'd have liked to have seen a final 3rd sequel for Ghostbusters just so the guys can go out with style!

Posted by HarryGlos (Member # 219) on :
i would love to have seen another "Ferris" film, not so much a sequel, but a next installment. There was a lot more we could have seen from Ferris and even Rooney.
Posted by eelric (Member # 749) on :
I guess if I had to pick a few movies to make sequels of it would be:


I would like to see friday the 13th finally make it to part 13


and as many beverly hills cops as they want to make because eddie murphy is just awesome

Posted by JJ (Member # 241) on :
I would have liked to see a 1980s sequel to Animal House. However, I suppose it would have suffered without Belushi.

Trainspotting just missed the 1980s but that deserves a sequel and one is being mad.

Posted by CPL Hicks (Member # 93) on :
The best sequels are spaced out I'd say.
The downfall with the nightmare on elm street sequels were how rushed some of them were, nameley being parts 4 and 5 being released just 1 year after each other.

by the way eelric, there is a new Friday the 13th movie. Its called "Jason X" and is out in cinemas from March. It looks awesome from the trailers!

There is no doubt about it, I would have loved to see a sequel for "The Breakfast Club". To see what happend the monday after their saturday detention.


Posted by JJ (Member # 241) on :
Another 48 Hours sucked too.
Posted by eelric (Member # 749) on :
thank you for the info on friday the 13th. I have not seen the previews yet but i know i will enjoy it.

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