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Posted by CPL Hicks (Member # 93) on :
Hi :-)

Does anyone know where I can buy "Splash too" on video please?
I'd most apreciate your help

Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
I'm sure that amazon or eBay could help you, but (IMHO) I'm not certain why. The original movie was great, with Hanks and Hannah, and the legend that was John Candy. The sequel really didn't make waves. Just like Mannequin 2: On The Move. Great idea - for one movie.

If you do find it, please write a review and tell us why you like it so much....

Posted by CPL Hicks (Member # 93) on :
Hi :)
Thanks for your reply.

I have tried Amazon and Ebay many of times and I have never found it. From time to time a German version of "Splash too" will be sold on ebay, but that's no good for me.
I think its virtually impossible to find now unfortunatly.

I loved the movie growing up and haven't seen it for atleast 5 years now.
But I was watching "Splash" a few months ago, and it made we want to buy the sequel.
I think "Splash too" was great. Even the absence of Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah didn't bother me at all.

Actually, I think in some senses "Splash too" may have been better. I think Madison was potrayed allot better, and she used her mermaid "powers" more. As sequels come it is great.

If I ever manage to find it I will post a review. :) Unfortunatly I doubt I will.
It is never on Tv either.


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