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Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
First time for me here, I feel like Daniel San; but am I walking into Cobra Kai or Mr Miyagi’s place…who knows?

What was your favourite Karate Kid movie out of the trilogy (or quadrilogy if you count that nonsensical instalment with Hilary S****) mine has to be the original, I mean I don’t care you are or where you’re from around the world the crane kick or wax/on/wax off imitation is something everybody knows about.

‘KK2’ was alright but it just didn’t feel like a proper film, it was trying to be all art house which is fine, just not in a Karate Kid movie (and no Peter Siterra on the soundtrack, what’s all that about?) the only thing I remember about that film is that there was tea-making scene that went on for about 10mins with no dialogue, again, fine in an Akira Kurosawa movie, not so good in a Karate Kid flick.

I actually quite liked the much-derided ‘KK3’, if only for OTT villain Thomas Griffith (later to star in ‘John Carpenter’s Vampires’) and the fact that 28-year-old Ralph was still playing a teenager. I didn’t even watch all of ‘The Next Karate Kid’ I gave it about 40 mins before I began chewing my own spleen out of boredom.
Posted by Widya LaRusso (Member # 2435) on :
my favourite movie in the trilogy...will be KK1. because its the first and the sense is different. the tea-making scene was fine, i think. i dont know, kumiko looked sincere and loyal. i think that is the picture i get from the scene. but KK1 is still my fave. [Karate Kid]
Daniel is still young and a bit uncontroled.
Posted by Ali (Member # 2408) on :
I may be the only one here who feels this way,but part two is my favorite.I saw it first at about age five and I fell in love with it.I used to go around dressed in my mom's robe trying to look like Kumiko.I loved Daniel and still do.He is like my ideal guy.I thought part two was great because it showed a whole different culture and helped us to understand Mr.Miyagi better.It showed the history of his karate and without that none of the movies would have existed.I love the first as well.I don't really like part three,although it was tolerable simply because of Daniel and Miyagi.
Posted by thischoolsucks (Member # 1178) on :
Hands down, KK1 is the know why? Two words. Elisabeth Shue. Man, she was too cute for words in that movie and is still hot to this day. I never found Kumiko or Jessica very attractive and didnt think either of them had half the chemistry with Daniel that Ali did. KK1 is not only my favorite KK movie but probably my favorite movie brings back so many childhood memories for me as I'm sure it does for many of you guys. I just wish that Shue and Macchio and Morita still did big movies today so we could see what they were up to!
Posted by 7red7 (Member # 2473) on :
I love this site and the messageboards!!! [Smile]

(sorry, new here, just had to blurt that out)

My favorite KK flick would have to be the first one...I loved Johhny and the Cobra Kai's...Hell, I still have my Cobra Kai t-shirt, no joke!!!

I just think overall, there was more depth in the story, and seeing the relationship between Danial and Miyagi taking shape is what the story is about to me...KK2 and 3 were great, and lord knows what they were thinking with the 4th one, but yeah, KK1 is still supreme IMHO [Smile]

Posted by BonziTree (Member # 2476) on :
Part 1

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