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Posted by Bobby_Johnny_Lover (Member # 1573) on :
Hey everyone...ok, so last I told you I would be taking Ron's class soon. Well, I talked to him on the phone and he was very nice and looks like we will be training together. He will make house trips and I will go down to his dojo as well. So, to all the girls who are inquiring about him...I will let you know probably by next week what he looks like, not that I really care myself, but I let ya'll bobby lovers know! Lol! KEEP POSTED!!! :-)
Posted by karatefan8500 (Member # 1495) on :
Perhaps you should mention this message board and site to him. He'd get a "kick" out of it.
Posted by BONZAI-Ryan (Member # 1596) on :
You should get him to sign something for me [Smile] [Smile]

Posted by SHEGOTGAME (Member # 476) on :
He's going to come to your house?!?!...You lucky lucky girl!! [Smile]
Posted by Heath (Member # 1512) on :
Im not sure about how well of a martial arts instructor Ron Thomas is , as I have never met him, but If you find that you do not like your training with him, I can recommend you to a number of highly qualified authentic instructors in the LA area. [Razz] [Razz] [Razz]
Posted by Bobby_Johnny_Lover (Member # 1573) on :
Well, Heath, he has been doing it for like 25 yrs now. I am sure he is an excellent instructor. Thanks for the references, but I will stick with Ron. :-)
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Well Heath if you go to his website you will see that he is highly qualified as an instructor of Martial Arts. Check it out.

And Bobby_Johnny_lover, you should snap a picture of Ron when he leasts expects it and post it up on this board. [Big Grin] Well good luck with your training and let us know what he looks like.
Posted by Bobby_Johnny_Lover (Member # 1573) on :
Hey, Ali_with_an_I, about the picture...omg! I should so get a pic of him, but maybe, I will do it when we know each other better and have trained for awhile. I wouldn't want him to think "WHat the hell is the chick doing?!!" Haha
Posted by Sweep the Leg (Member # 1525) on :
Easy ladies... [Smile] I simply said that "I am not sure of his quality, as I have never met him" I was simply offering a lil help if needed. Remember, he is "Ron Thomas" not Bobby! [Smile] I would love to visit his site, what is the adress? --- WWW.EmeraldDragon.Org
Posted by Cobra 1 (Member # 1602) on :
Sweep_the_leg, it is

I know Jonny_Booby_Lover, she lives in West LA and I have actually been to Ron's Classes, I refered her and I think she is meeting him next week. LOL...He's inclined to fall inlove with her, she's hot! LOL!!
Posted by karatefan8500 (Member # 1495) on :
cobra, what happened with your training?

btw, if you will see Ron in person, you should definately ask him what was up with his last name in the movie. He's not always called Brown! LOL

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