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Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
some of my favorite shows:

Tales from the Crypt
Tales from the Darkside
The Twilight Zone(80's)
Night Gallery
Alfred Hitchco-ck presents (80's)

i was discussing these the other day, and naming a few of my favorite episodes from each

crypt: the man who was death
darkside: yattering and jack
twilight: night of the meek
Gallery: camera obscura
hitch: season hubley in prison
Posted by pettyfan (Member # 2260) on :
I love Tales From the Crypt and I also like Tales From the Darkside. My favorite Tales From the Crypt eps would probably be Death of Some Salesman and the Ventriloquist's Dummy.
Posted by J2ME (Member # 5728) on :
Darkroom (1981)

Episode 3: "The Bogeyman Will Get You"

A horror movie loving teenager convinces her sister that an old acquaintance is really a vampire.


Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
My two favorite horror (or horror like) TV series from the '80's were:

1980's "Twilight Zone" - I actually liked this series better than the original 1960's version; and the '60's series was iconic. I just have more of a connection to the '80's series - since I saw many of the episodes as they aired.

I also liked the creepy intro w/ the spider and doll's head, and the "ghost" of Rod Serling - more than the original intro.

Notable episodes from this revised series included:

Shatterday; truly incredible story about alternate universe(s)?! starring Bruce Willis.

Nightcrawlers - the episode with the Vietnam veteran in the diner, whose nightmares of the war came to life.

Paladin of the Lost Hour - great Harlan Ellison- written episode.

The episode about a couple who came back from a vacation in Central/South Americas with pictures of some natives they had taken in a jungle. Somehow, the pictures had captured the "spirits" of the natives and these natives then later came out of the pictures and stalked/attacked the couple (and others). Very creepy.


"Tales from the Darkside": This was on late at night back in the day. I saw a handful of episode when they aired, but saw the entire series on DVD in more recent years (twice).

"Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But, there is, unseen by most, an underworld. A place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit. A darkside..."

My favorite episode of TFTD was the one where the guy moved into the apartment & was told by the landlady to never nail anything to the wall. Great episode, with a fantastic ending [Wink]

Also enjoyed the 1990 TFTD feature film. The Mummy sequence (with Christian Slater & Steve Buscemi) was great. The Gargoyle sequence was the best - very creepy & poignant (starring Rae Dawn Chong). I liked how the Witch (Deborah Harry, aka "Blondie") was the central story theme.

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