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Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
I have known of this site for probably 8-10 years but didnt go to the message board till 2011 so havent seen all of the fun unfortunately. I was curious when the highest activity was on the message boards. Was there a hayday when it rarely got slow and if so when was that. Would like to hear your comments and good memories of the Rewind
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
I remember when I joined in May 2007 that there was 1 or maybe 2 posts over the entire boards each day. But then it suddenly kicked back into life a few months later. It seems to be at its busiest in the Autumn/Winter.
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
There was probably a hey day about 10 years ago. I remember the traffic was really busy at one point. Your topic could get buried easy depending on the amount of posts. I think the early days of the site were significant too in that the 80's revival was strong. As much as I love the 80's, I find that there is other stuff that I got interested. Good music and good film could be in any decade. I also think the site being down for so long has made some older posters disappear sadly for good. I also think that in 2015 there are way more distractions with other websites and smart phones than there were in the previous decade. More competition now. Anyways, always have a soft spot for the site and here's hoping for a resurgence.
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
There was lots of activity in 2013.. most of it was spam though. [Roll Eyes]

That probably didn't count, right ? [Razz]

I can be so mean sometimes.. [Big Grin]
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Haha [Big Grin]

Would hate for it to be as busy as Riptide described. Would never get anything done [Razz]
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
I think that once Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. became really popular, it kind of slowed down. I know I usually check in here only once or twice a week, even if I just read comments. I am on FB every day chatting with my friends.
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
A new "Hayday" approaches hopefully... [Wink]

It might seem that there's not a lot going on with the site apart from a few updates every day but nothing could be further from the truth, even though it doesn't show at all.

The shamefully delayed state-of-the-art locations engine is nearing completion and will, I believe, set a new standard for movie locations on the web. It will go into beta sometime in the next few months and I will be looking for ppl to help with curating/editing/researching and updating this part of the site. It may end up being the main emphasis of the whole thing in the end and I'm pretty jazzed about it and can't wait for you guys to see the potential.

As things get nearer, I'll keep everyone on here posted and give you all an exclusive sneak-peak [Smile]

It's been a monumental task to be honest and taken literally years to develop. It will feature fully responsive design for mobile users and be very interactive. It really will set a new standard and anyone interested in playing a big part in the new locations feature, please do get in touch. [Smile]

After that, the existing site(s) will be completely redesigned and refreshed, adding many new features that were always planned but the technology wasn't viable before...
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
I already feel alienated by this so-called progress. I literally didn't understand a word of it. [Roll Eyes]

I guess i don't need to apply for the curating / updating job. [Razz]
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Lol, sorry, too much shorthand and not enough context on my part, clearly [Wink]

I realize that the OP was really talking about these forums and so I suppose my answer didn't seem to fit in any way to the question. I was talking about as a whole in terms of the movies site that these forums are attached to. That is what "fast-rewind" means to me personally (understandably) as I have to admin the whole thing. Movie pages, trivia, goofs, locations, buying guide and these forums etc.

-Most ppl will find these forums originally through visiting one of the Rewind movie pages at some point and a great 80s movies site means lots of ppl visiting and more active forums as a result.

The movie pages have appeared much the same for years and in short they're stale and going to be getting a major overhaul, starting with interactive and in-depth coverage of the movie locations used in these movies. No longer just a couple of lines of txt that says the such-and-such scene was filmed on blah street, but then & now pictures, maps, streetviews, how the location was used, how it was found later, cast & crew recollections, etc etc...

[Most of you won't remember that fast-rewind originally started as a single page of locations for the Karate Kid and grew from there in the late '90s. You can still see that original page here ]

So, I'm kinda going back to those roots to give each and every movie the potential for really in-depth coverage of locations and have written a software "engine" to provide for this and allow the quality of coverage that I've always wanted without having to write each and every page by hand and allowing for visitors to submit locations and updates or corrections, much like they already do on the existing movie pages for the trivia, goofs etc..

-Think like a "facebook" for movie locations maybe? It will be more clear when ppl see it, of course! [Wink]

This has been promised on the (main movies) site for years but never happened.

So, my post was really to say that this is what will be happening. That the site as a whole is not in any way abandoned or in decline like it has been in the past few years. In fact, traffic is steadily increasing. These forums may be a bit stale (true?) but that is not going to be fixed without the "main" sites being re-invigorated and I figure movie locations is the way to start that process. No-one has ever really done it properly in my humble opinion and so it provides an opportunity for bringing the site back to being thought of as "#1 for 80s movies".

So that's what I was posting about and inviting ppl who might be interested to join in on. 600 movies with an average of 20 locations per movie is 12,000 locations that need to be covered in depth and thats just the 80s movies covered on the site currently.. Obviously the visitors to the site will be submitting many of the locations and much of the information in the long run, although I will be kicking it all off with the best coverage you've ever seen of the locations for movies like:

The wraith
Can't Buy Me love - including a tour of the inside of Cindy Mancini's house as it is now, literally frozen in time
The Last dragon
Vision Quest - including Grandpa's legendary cabin now exclusively found
Dirty Dancing - including the legendary log balancing location
Near Dark
Sure Thing

So, I'll need ppl who are interested in 70s & 80s movie locations to help with checking, editing visitor submissions.. the whole shooting match, basically! [Wink]

Ppl with a casual interest meanwhile will be able to enjoy reading and seeing these locations and hopefully the whole site will seem more lively and these forums will pick back up [Smile]
Posted by Johnny Roarke is reckless (Member # 9826) on :
Originally posted by Nick:
Lol, sorry, too much shorthand and not enough context on my part, clearly [Wink]

Nah, don't worry.. I'm pretty sure it was just me.

I'm the one guy who still refuses to accept the fact that we're living in the computer-age.
Up until september 2008 i didn't even have access to the internet.. Social media is still a world unknown to me..
And i'll take it even further than that : To this day, I don't even have a mobile phone !

..and to be honest, i wouldn't want it any other way !

That's just me.. Welcome to Johnny's world ! [Big Grin]
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
Nick. So someone like myself could give information and supply pix about filming locations i have been to in the past?

Johnny, I respect Johnnys world. Cellphones alone give new meaning to attention deficit disorder but on the other hand, I post alot while on breaks at work on my phone which gives me more time at home for other things
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
including a tour of the inside of Cindy Mancini's house as it is now, literally frozen in time -

nick when i flicked up from the bottom of the page all i quickly saw was a tour of cindy mancini's house i thought for one minute you meant forum member cindy mancini - i thought i wonder if she knows your doing a tour of her home [Big Grin]
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Originally posted by the young warrior:
i thought for one minute you meant forum member cindy mancini

Hehe, its lucky I didn't say "Amanda Peterson's house" then as that really would have sounded morbid! [Wink]

Originally posted by TerdNthePoolGGB:
So someone like myself could give information and supply pix about filming locations i have been to in the past?

Absolutely! That will be the whole point [Smile] An inclusive community where everyone is welcome. You'll be able to post pictures, memories of visits and how you found out where to look etc as well as get confirmed directions & GPS data for future visits. Kindof like a "Facebook" for locations. A place to share and exchange where, like always (at the Rewind) everyone gets proper credit for their discoveries.

To some it might sound all a bit niche and geeky, but in my experience, there are a lot of ppl who are very interested in this stuff and a lot of wrong or incomplete info out there that is very frustrating.

Because we're doing something completely new, there will need to be a lot of refinement and experimentation in the early days and a lot of info from ppl to check and process before it goes up on the site, so we'll need a good solid core of ppl who are interested in joining me to help in getting the ball rolling and then running things in the long run... [Smile]

And, no-one respects Johnnys world more than me as you can imagine [Wink]
Posted by April Fool (Member # 37390) on :
I haven't been here in awhile, it is me- Lisa/Isis, I got a new computer, and new email, and couldn't remember my old password. So, I made up a new one. I remember back when I first joined the Rewind-around 2002 (which is unbelievable to me), but there were alot of people around then, and I have stayed friends with alot of them, and I do talk to people now through Facebook, but it isn't the same, because not all my other Facebook friends want to talk about the 80s. So, I really miss being here. It was kind of the beginning of the whole computer thing for me, and we use to have a chat group we all would talk on. It is so hard to believe that was 13 years ago already!
Posted by BabyLove19781999 (Member # 2336) on :
The site is finally back up. Wow! It's been two years. When did it re-open?
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
Babylove. I believe it was in February.
Posted by gordongecko (Member # 4685) on :
Nick that is really cool! I agree, that should really increase traffic to the message boards. More importantly, I think it's a great idea. People love to know more about where their favorite movies were filmed.
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Glad to have been part of this group a few years back when it was really active and we even had ourselves a couple 80's movie night live chats. those were great. Hopefully we can see some more old faces pop up in here again soon.
Posted by All for Noms and Noms for all... (Member # 2688) on :
I remember 2004 - 2005 being quite a good time on the boards. Always lots going on...

The Original Nomster [Cool]
Posted by Earth Angel (Member # 3301) on :
I joined in 2004. It was amazing. Duckie Dale Winton, Muffy, Cindy, Valley,Isis, Sam, Rainbow etc etc. Such fond memories.

[ 11. May 2021, 04:28: Message edited by: P_a_u_l ]
Posted by Earth Angel (Member # 3301) on :
It won't let me type Duckie?
Posted by April Fool (Member # 37390) on :
Earth Angel- (It is me ISIS),,,,I think I remember why- from way back when, it is because those beginning letters are very close to a couple words that are blocked out for being offensive on here.
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
April fool I just hit you with a five star rating,we can't have someone who's contributed so much to these boards with just a one star rating!

You guys were on here way before i was,i can't believe we had a dale winton on here which I find amusing but will be totally lost on anyone living outside the UK!

[ 12. February 2016, 15:00: Message edited by: the young warrior ]
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
I see my 5 star rating has only put you up by 1 star [Frown] I thought it would have lifted you up more than that!

[ 12. February 2016, 14:57: Message edited by: the young warrior ]
Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
I just gave 5 stars too April Fool! Nice to see you back. I think we need a rewind recruitment! I love coming on here chatting about the 80' is always a nice little escape. I live an otherwise pretty normal life (busy being a husband and father) but none of my friends share my fascination with the decade. My wife loves the 80's too and will watch lots of movies with me (threw me an awesome 80's party for my 40th birthday a couple years back...and bless her heart, is supportive of my 80's room) but not a giant fan like me! Here's to a new hey day!!
Posted by April Fool (Member # 37390) on :
KevDug- it's me....Lisa/ know me from way back when. I had to get a new user name because I forgot my password, and I got a new computer and a new email address.
Posted by April Fool (Member # 37390) on :
Thanks for rating me too... [Smile]
Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Yes...I knew that Lisa. Welcome back! [Smile] Hope all has been well...
Posted by Earth Angel (Member # 3301) on :
Ha I just realised that my predictive text changed Duckie to D1ckie. Oops. It's really nice to see some of the old and new rewinders. I'm going to visit Duckie Dale Winton this week. I'll pass on your appreciation Warrior. X
Posted by gordongecko (Member # 4685) on :
Kev - I like the idea of a recruitment day! We should have a day where we all try to reach out to a few people who were on here a lot in the past and see if we can get them back on board!
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Good to see you're back Gordongecko! I think most of the people I know on Facebook do check in once in awhile. However Ronnie (Nowhere Girl) doesn't want to rejoin the Rewind or Facebook. She likes Instagram, and she is still watching plenty of 80's flicks, especially 80's horror.
Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Cheers gord...would love to see this as well. Though, if the others aren't coming back, I think maybe a challenge to the current Rewinders to start at least one post each...start getting some more dialogue going. Also think we need to revisit some of the old questions that have already been asked in years passed...some of the simple ones your top 10 favorite 80's movies, songs, etc. This was a staple back in the day and you could search and find some old answers...but I'd like to know some of this stuff from the newer Rewinders. I'll post my question soon....need to get some shut eye for now. What say everyone?
Posted by gordongecko (Member # 4685) on :
Thanks guys! I've been around, just haven't had a post for awhile. I agree, it's good to get some old topics going again. Plus, things change, like my top 10's!

Ronnie posting 80's stuff on Instagram?
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Yes Gordongecko, she posts whatever 80's movie (usually horror) she is watching that day.
I'll try and think on some new topics to lighten things up in here😎
Posted by gordongecko (Member # 4685) on :
That's awesome! What's her username? I'll have to check it out. I don't really use my Facebook account much, but do enjoy instagram.

Nice work on the new topics. I look forward to it.
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
I sent ya a private message Gordo!
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Bummer Ronnie doesn't come on here anymore. Was starting to become real good friends with her before the boards started getting attacked.

I'm on and off facebook still. Started an 80's/90's nostalgia group of our own with a couple friends awhile back on there too so there's that. Even still have my Vampirefreaks social page active (linked in my profile). Don't really use anything else other than those and this as far as social media goes.

[ 03. March 2016, 18:45: Message edited by: Pyro ]
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Pyro, I sent you a p.m. also
Posted by RetroDaze (Member # 37432) on :
I think I tried checking in here some years ago but something was the matter. I couldn't register or something along those lines.

Anyhow, it is nice to see a "retro/80s" content site that ISN'T dead! I had thought mine was the only one!

Come to find out there are still a few out there surviving still, with devoted members.
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
Welcome to the party RetroDaze
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
RetroDaze, welcome to the Rewind! There are a few of us diehards still around! I love it here!
Posted by RetroDaze (Member # 37432) on :
Originally posted by Pittsburghgirl:
RetroDaze, welcome to the Rewind! There are a few of us diehards still around! I love it here!

That's awesome. Thank you guys for the welcome.
Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
I just joined this site last Fall, and am enjoying my time here. However, it would have been interesting to have been on the site earlier, when '80's nostalgia was extremely strong. I remember the 200X's as being the decade for '80's nostalgia - it was everywhere - in movies, consumer products like the return of "Tab" and "Garbage Pail Kids" stickers, etc. Also, a lot of previously-tough-to-find '80's films were being released to DVD for the first time ever.

Now that we're in the second decade of the 21st century, '80's nostalgia is definitely still around - but maybe not as much as before. However, we do still see '80's nostalgia movies like "Ping Pong Summer", re-makes of '80's movies like "Poltergeist", etc. in the last couple of years. And, on TV, you have "Stranger Things" and "The Americans" - both great 21st century shows that take place during the '80's. And, a couple of years ago there were some interesting "Garbage Pail Kids" figures, the re-make of the "Thundercats" cartoon, etc.

What's interesting is that in the beginning of this decade, I always though '90's nostalgia would be all over the place, given that it usually takes 20 years after a given decade for people to be nostalgic about that era (i.e., people were nostalgic about the '60's in the '80's, in the '90's you saw a lot of '70's nostalgia, etc.). However, we're now at the tail end of the 20XX's, and I have seen very little -if any - '90's nostalgia....I've actually seen more '80's nostalgia than anything else - go figure.

[ 22. March 2017, 07:18: Message edited by: Nostalgic for the '80's ]
Posted by Crash (Member # 7484) on :
Compared to previous decades, like the 80s, the 70s, or the 60s, the 90s were pretty non descript. I doubt that there will ever be much nostalgia for the 00s.
Posted by Jakey V (Member # 37348) on :
It seems like whenever I look something up, posts from about 2008 come up. I 'd have to say that was the hayday.

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