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Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
takes your mind right back to the movie and the 80's it came from?

I could name a bunch, but here are a few:

"Melt With You" Valley Girl

"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" Real Genius

"In The Air Tonight" Risky Business

"The Power Of Love" Back To The Future

"In Your Eyes" Say Anything

What about you?
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
Open Arms- The Last American Virgin

Somebody's Baby- Fast Times at Ridemont High

Don't You Forget About Me- The Breakfast Club


Love My Way- Valley Girl

True- Sixteen Candles
Posted by jlp937-Sunflower Goddess (Member # 1877) on :
boo hoo I didn't hear anything!!!!

Maybe tomorrow!!!
Posted by Brode (Member # 3732) on :
Girls, Girls, Girls!
Posted by CT......The Son Of Scarface (Member # 2903) on :
"Your Love" The Outfields
Posted by Anna Sullivan (Member # 4010) on :
I also hear a LOT of remixes and covers. e.g

Summer Rain - Slinky Minxx (what kind of a name is that anyway

Jump - Girls Aloud

Waiting for a Star to Fall - Sunset Strippers

And these are just to name a few. I hear more out at clubs. Fun 80's songs, funked up with a techno beat. However, to me, they were fine to begin with!!!!
Posted by kat27 (Member # 3979) on :
"The Safety Dance"! by Men Without Hats - I can't remember when I first heard it - somewhere in the early 80's (80 - 83) but I heard it in Dubai on the station there (2003) and have since heard it on triple m radio station within the last week in Australia. Two thumbs up to triple m for playing lots of songs that we had all forgotten about yet loved!!!!!
Posted by Anna Sullivan (Member # 4010) on :
Heard two of Tone Loc's smash hits from 1989 on a party mix on Saturday night, those being:

"Wild Thing" &

"Funky Cold Medina" (I just love my 'crap rap')

Also, a station over here was having an all 80's/90's weekend, so I also heard the following awesome tracks whilst cleaning my room:

"Girls on Film" Duran Duran (even better live!)

"Send Me An Angel" Real Life

"Livin' on a Prayer" Bon Jovi (this song ROCKS!)

"Billie Jean" Michael Jackson

"Every Rose Has It's Thorn" Poison

"Janie's Got A Gun" Aerosmith

"Jesse's Girl" Rick Springfield

"Mickey" Toni Basil

That's about all that comes to mind
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
I so just heard.........

"You're a Friend of Mine" Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne

I'm freakin out cause I love it....haven't heard it in a long someone tell me was it in a movie???? I know it is? ahhhh it's killing me???

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