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Posted by Sam Hain 666 (Member # 3150) on :
A little more mainstream then my other bands and definitely more safe than yesterdays band is the Swiss rockers KROKUS Starting back in 1976 this band released approx 4-5 albums before they started to get noticed with the 1980 release Metal-Rendezvous


followed by the 1981 release Hardware


heres a pic of the band circa Hardware


then came the 1982 album One Vice at a Time


1983 brought out in my opinion and lot of other Krokus fans best album Headhunter


With the 1984 release of the Blitz came the bands most sucessful release along with their best known single in "Midnight Maniac"


heres a pic of the band rockin on stage circa The Blitz


After The Blitz the bands success began to dwindle as lot of their true die hard fans thought the band started to soften up to much as with a lot of metal bands in the 80's became to obsessed with trying to gain more commercial success by trying to write hit singles and losing focus on rocking.

The band is still around today and has relesed roughly 20 albums. The band has had way to numerous lineup changes to even begin to start listing them but mostly their biggest levels of success came with Marc Sorace on lead vocals.

For the first half of the 80's Krokus was one of the best metal bands around and even though they never quite made the A-List of metal they definitely were right on the brink of reaching that plateau but never quite got passd the B+-list.

Best songs by the band

Eat The Rich
Screaming In the Night
Long Stick Goes Boom
Smelly Nelly
Stayed Awake All Night
Tokyo Nights

I'm sure there's some of you who liked these Swiss metalheads.

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Posted by Brode (Member # 3732) on :
Well if it isn't the shapeshifting Krokus. Headhunter was okay, the only thing I really gravitated to was Eat the Rich, and mostly because the singer is so Udo-reminiscient.

And to be perfectly honest, the only reason I really like it was because I've heard the Fozzy (Chris Jericho) cover of it.
Posted by Sam Hain 666 (Member # 3150) on :
Originally posted by Brode:
and mostly because the singer is so Udo-reminiscient.

I can Accept that.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
The only song I really like by them is SCREAMING IN THE NIGHT.

"I can ACCEPT that" Ar,ar!!!!!
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
Well now one of us has to start the ACCEPT topic. I'll do it.
Posted by Sam Hain 666 (Member # 3150) on :
funny thing is yesterday I almost made Accept my band of the day but decided on Krokus at the last moment.

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