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Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
I showed my mum the film Cookie recently which she really enjoyed, but when she saw who was the main star she said "Oh I know who that is, she was your cousin's childhood friend..." !

Yup, Emily Lloyd was the childhood friend of my cousin Emily and she was at her wedding too a few years ago, I didn't go because I don't like the family gatherings (so many people) but my brother almost contemplated going up to her and asking "weren't you famous once?" (lol) because she was acting snooty about the event, not enough range of food or something. Allegedly she's been in and out of drug rehab which would explain a few things, IMDB mentions she has obsessive Compulsive Syndrome but couldn't find anything online about the rehab info.

So there you have it, connection to someone (almost) famous [Wink]

Devo, still want that DVD of it?
Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
I think that this is so funny. In my town we have a really old movie theater that has been abandoned. Oh, let's say since at least '89. You know how there are windows where movie posters go, well that movie poster has been up in the window box since that place closed. Isn't that bizarre. It has become extremely sun bleached and falling down, but you can still tell what movie it is. I think that it should win an award for the longest hanging poster in Kansas, maybe even the world. Hasn't been moved at all in over 15 years.
Posted by moviejunke (Member # 3351) on :
At the risk of getting liable- i have to say that this is probably true about emily lloyd. I have seen her countless times and she seemed a little , shall we say, unstable. In fact it was so bad i felt embarrased for her.
Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
Oh my I just came across this post again and Ithought that everyone should know that the poster has finally fallen down!!!!
Posted by rocksteadyflamethrower (Member # 1065) on :
I have "Cookie" on VHS and I'm waiting for Warner to announce a DVD. With this new info I have on Emily Lloyd, I think a commentary track with her, Peter Falk and director Susan Seidelman would be a scream (My sense of humor is dark that way).


John Kilduff...The Rock Steady Flamethrower
Posted by HipsterMom27 (Member # 2161) on :
'Libel' applies to written criticism of someone in a public forum, but I don't think the rewind would count.

I wondered what happened to her...she was like an '80s 'next big thing' but faded pretty quickly, unlike my favorite English Rose, the lovely and hugely talented Ms. Winslet.
Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
I think that she got messed up into drugs and it just went south from there. The last big type picture that I knew of her being in was A River Runs Through It with Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, and Tom Skerritt. I haven't heard of her making a comeback or anything so who knows what she is doing now.
Posted by moviejunke (Member # 3351) on :
She's wandering around london looking messed up on drugs- trust me, I've seen her a couple of times.
Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
REALLY!!! That is so sad!
Posted by lessthanzero (Member # 3494) on :
I checked her IMDB page...has she had plastic surgery? Her nose especially looks different.

Again, this was a movie I liked at the time but don't like now. The only plus was renting it again to see a young and scrumptious Adrian Pasdar. Susan Seidelman is a great director, though. It's a shame she never lived up to her potential after Desperately Seeking Susan.

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