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Blind Date

A date with her is every man's dream come true. For Walter Davis it was a nightmare.
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Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger star.


Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger, John Larroquette, William Daniels

George Coe, Mark Blum, Phil Hartman, Stephanie Faracy, Alice Hirson, Graham Stark, Joyce Van Patten, Jeannie Elias, Herb Tanney, Georgann Johnson, Sab Shimono, Momo Yashima, Armin Shimerman, Brian George, Ernest Harada, Emma Walton Update Cast


Look for Stanley Jordan, Billy Vera making a cameo appearance!


Walter Davis (Willis) is a workaholic. He focuses all of his attention on his work, and very little on his appearance or his non-existent personal life.

His boss tells him that he needs a date to take to his company's business dinner with a new important Japanese client. His brother sets him up with his wife's cousin Nadia (Basinger), who is new in town and wants to socialise. However, there is one thing he HAS to remember; when she drinks, she loses control, and all of her inhibitions disappear.

Walter doesn't think one drink will hurt, but soon finds out how wrong he can be.

Enter Nadia's psychotic ex-boyfriend David, and pretty soon things get out of hand and Walter is up in front of the Judge on assault charges against David - and the judge happens to be David's father!

David drops all charges only when Nadia promises to go back to him and the wedding plans are set.

How much worse can things get? Well, for one thing, Walter could fall in love with Nadia and fight to get her back from David's grasp....

Author: Paul ShrimptonUpdate This Review


This is a fun movie. It's wildly unpredictable, because you just don't know what the actors are going to do next.

It has the feel of a theater farce, and the characters are so over the top that you can just sit and enjoy laughing as Willis and Larroquette lurch from one improbable encounter to another.

Excellent! Very over-the-top acting, with all the actors having a great time
As with many romantic comedies, it all works out at the end, and you know that it will, but getting there is fun!

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Key Crew

Director: Blake Edwards
Writer: Dale Launer
Producers: Tony Adams, Trish Caroselli, Gary Hendler, Jonathan D. Krane, David Permut
Locations Manager: Charles Newirth

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Release Date: 27 Mar 1987
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: TriStar Pictures
Production: Delphi V Productions, ML Delphi Premier Productions, TriStar Pictures
Genre: Comedy

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