Bad Boys Movie Review

Bad Boys

Life has pushed him into a corner, and he's coming out fighting.


Sean Penn, Esai Morales, Eric Gurry, Ally Sheedy

Reni Santoni, Jim Moody, Clancy Brown, Robert Lee Rush, Eugene J. Anthony, Erik Barefield, Ray Caballero, Dean Fortunato, Lawrence Mah, Tony Mockus Jr., Jorge Noa, Ray Ramirez, John Zenda, Marta de la Cruz (II) Update Cast

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After "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", Sean Penn took part in more serious roles, such as this gritty look at urban Chicago street gangs.

One gang has Mick O'Brien (Penn) in the center and the other has Mick's nemesis Paco Moreno (Esai Morales) up front. They already have enough reasons to hate each other, but now comes a reason for enough hate, where it's do or die.

When a shootout takes place on the streets, Mick's best friend Carl (Alan Ruck) is shot dead. While trying to race the police, Mick accidentally runs over Paco's younger brother, killing him. Having committed vehicular manslaughter, Mick is sent to a juvenile prison full of thieves, murderers and drug dealers while Paco plans to avenge his brother's death.

As Mick enters the prison walls, he makes new friends and enemies. He is bunked with Barry Horowitz (Eric Gurry), who is responsible for an explosion that killed three people. When Mick gets counted, he meets the two barn bosses, Viking Lofgren (Clancy Brown) and Warren "Tweety" Jerome (Robert Lee Rush), who tease the other prisoners. They demonstrate their brutality by killing the other new kid in the prison, and now, Mick himself is a target, but Mick soon shows his brutality by beating up Viking and Tweety with a bag full of unopened cold drink cans, as he is sent to solitary confinement for the rest of the night. The following morning, Mick is declared the new barn boss of the prison.

Meanwhile, Paco crosses paths with Mick's girlfriend J.C. (Ally Sheedy) and attempts to rape her, but Paco is arrested and sent to the same prison where Mick is. Claiming that now is the perfect time for revenge, Paco ends up facing Viking over who is going to take him down first.

Who will get the chance to take down Mick? Will Paco get transferred to another prison? Will Mick survive?

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Bad Boys is an interesting thriller about urban street gangs. Sean Penn and Esai Morales are good here.

The only problems with the movie that I can think of is that the plot is very predictable, and it may be too rough for children.

Excellent performances by Sean Penn, Esai Morales and Ally Sheedy.
A predictable and possibly dated plot, along with some scenes which may be too rough for children.

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Key Crew

Director: Rick Rosenthal
Writer: Richard Di Lello
Producers: Marty Hornstein, Robert H. Solo
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 25 Mar 1983
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: EMI Films
Production: EMI Films
Genre: Drama

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