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Jeff Goldblum also stars as Nick
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Action / Adventure movie starring Cyndi Lauper, Jeff Goldblum, Googy Gress et al.
Cyndi Lauper has a son, Declyn Wallace, who is named after singer Elvis Costello, who's real name is Declan Patrick MacManus. Cyndi is a big Marlene Dietrich fan. At the begining of her video for "Time After Time", she is watching "The Garden of Allah", which starred Dietrich. The Arabic spoken in that film is just gibberish. Cyndi was once quoted as saying "You have to remember-no matter what you're told-that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway." Cyndi's favorite book is "Mists Of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. She even titled one of her c.d's "Sisters Of Avalon" because of this book.
The director, Ken Kwapis, has since directed such t.v. shows as "Malcolm In The Middle", "The Bernie Mac Show", and "Freaks and Geeks".
Jeff Goldblum is 6'5. He is in a jazz band called The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra with actor Peter Weller (they were also in a band together in the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension-- they perform at local clubs in L.A.. Jeff is also the voice behind the imac/ibook commercials for Apple Computer. His first starring role ever was in John Landis's 1985 movie "Into The Night, opposite Michelle Pfeiffer.
Elizabeth Peņa attended Manhatten's High School for the Performing Arts with fellow classmate actor Esai Morales. She has now semi-retired to the Pacific Northwest to raise her daughter.
Julian Sands is perhaps best knon for his 1985 foreign film "A Room With A View" (I love that movie!). His first major role ever was opposite Anthony Hopkins in the 1981 Britsh t.v series "A Married Man".
Journalist J.D. Considine once wrote of Cyndi Lauper "Lauper not only has solid credentials (courtesy of her stint in the retro-rock act Ble Angel) and an interesting image (a sort of Betty Boop-meets Laverne & Shirley chic), but she had the moxie to rewrite the sexist "Girls Just Want To have Sex" into "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" as a tribute to feminine frivolty, but she even slipped a song about masturbation, "She Bop", into the hit parade".
Peter Falk is best known for his role as t.v. character Columbo. His right eye was surgically removed at the age of 3 because of cancer. One of his greatest passions is drawing and sketching and he has a stadio on the grounds of a Beverly Hills estate. He says that his Columbo raincoat is not in the Smithsonian Instituion, but instead it's in his upstairs closet.
90's superstar Steve Buscemi has a small role as 'Fred'
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