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Although Cyndi Lauper recorded a song called "There's A Hole In My Heart (All The Way To China)" for the film, it was only released as a single and was not put on the soundtrack. However it IS now available on CD. Sony has released a 3 CD Cyndi Lauper retrospective which includes the song.

I love that song and I had been looking for it everywhere. I even remember the video where Cyndi is roaming around through these underground tunnels and then finally emerges in China (why China and not Ecquador where the film is set, I don't know).

As an aside, the soundtrack, which consists mostly of the atmospheric pipe music from the film is EXTREMELY rare, supposedly having been released in very small numbers (like a thousand or less). It is purported to be very valuable as well, although why anyone would want it is beyond me. [Thanks to John Carroll]

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Hole In My Heart  -  Cyndi Lauper
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Song Trivia Madonna's debut album "Madonna" was seen, at the time, as a poor second to album, which came out the same year, called "She's So Unusal". Critcs felt Cyndi was way more talented than Madonna (personally, I love both artists equally, but that's just my opinion).

The song "Hole in my heart" reached the Number 10 spot in Australia in 1988. It was more successful in Australia than any other country. I saw her perform this song live in concert in 1989 when she toured Australia for her "A night to remember" tour!. It was fantastic... rivals the live performance of Money Changes Everything.

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Cyndi Lauper in typical 80s fashion
Score Music Composer(s): James Horner

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Main TitleOpening the PyramidAndes ArrivalMountain TrekThe Secret RevealedThe Lost CityThe Journey BeginsSilvia's VisionEnd Title
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