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Film facts for the 1980 Drama movie starring John Travolta, Debra Winger, Scott Glenn More Cast

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There are cameos by famous country musicians including Johnny Lee, Bonnie Raitt, and The Charlie Daniels Band.
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The Bee Gees played in Houston during the filming of "Urban Cowboy" and John Travolta joined them onstage.
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The actual mechanical bull that has been in Gilley's bar all this time, the one that they rode in the movie, has been acquired for The Crazy Horse Saloon in Sallisaw Oklahoma.
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Like the film which made Travolta a star, "Saturday Night Fever," "Urban Cowboy" was also inspired by a magazine article and is just a variant on "Fever, by substituting a country and western establishment for a disco. Travolta and director Bridhes would later reteam for the 1985 release "Perfect" which was also inspired by Aaran Latham's journalistic efforts. Also like "Fever," "Cowboy" was adapted for the Broadway stage.
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The 1967 Ford Mustang that Sissy drove in this movie now resides in Evans City, PA (near Pittsburgh). It is owned by two brothers and is often seen in local car shows.
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Sunday was family day at Gilley's, so children under 18 were allowed to enter the premises.
Thanks to Wim
I visited Gilley's during the summer of 1980 when the ship I was working on was stuck in port for maintenance. Despite the fact that I was 15 years old (I guess I looked older), I spent a memorable three nights in this wild place. Only when I got back to Europe a few weeks later, did I realize how famous it had become. I can still picture the huge old-fashioned bath tubs which served as urinals! Or the parking lot full of pickup trucks. The music was great, the beer was fine (the Hurricanes better) and I would like to thank Sara-Lee from New Jersey for the two-stepping practice! Hmm, one of the Gilley's Band's texts went something like this "...say gas'll get cheaper?" [the crowd answered: "bulls**t!] - still topical, no?
In 1989 Gilley's suffered an arson fire that gutted the interior -- rumored to have been started by Cryer so he could collect insurance -- but the building's shell was still standing until 2006 when it was demolished by the Pasadena Independent School District, its current owner. Only the old sound recording studio remains. (the old sign can be found at the Cowboy Ranch, a local restaurant). Gilley still makes his home in Pasadena.

On October 2, 2003, Gilley's was reopened: this time in the larger urban center of Dallas-Fort Worth. The new club features a 26,000 square foot main show room and the original mechanical bull, El Toro, featured in the movie Urban Cowboy. In total, the new club has 91,000 square feet of restaurant, entertainment, meeting, and private function space.
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John Travolta was originally offered the lead roll in "American Gigolo" played by Richard Gere, but turned it down in order to star in "Urban Cowboy"...
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Mickey Gilley, Jerry Lee Lewis and the Reverend Jimmy Swaggert are cousins in real life.
Thanks to Valerie Ditta
My parents have lived in "Uncle Bob's" house for many years (actually 2213 Westside Drive in Deer Park), but I'm sad to report that there has not been a sign on the toilet describing it as the "Urban Cowboy's first throne" since they lived there. Your site is apparently read by many though, because we have had several people stop and ask about the sign.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Urban Cowboy".
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