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"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1980 Drama movie starring John Travolta, Debra Winger, Scott Glenn More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to sandy brena
In the scene where Sissy (Debra) was with Wes in the trailor and he was drinking out of the tequila bottle, he was explaining that, when mexicans drink the worm out of a tequila bottle, they see visions and than he handed Sissy a shot of tequila. They both did cheers he said to the vida luna... He was supposed to say vida loca (crazy life) oops!
Thanks to Tom
When Wes and Bud go out of the restaurant to fight after Bud hits Wes with a hamburger, as they finish scuffling, Steve Strange (James Gammons) calls Wes by his real name (Scott Glenn) "C'mon Scotty, lets get that burger" instead of his character name.
Thanks to dad1705
Upon entering Pam's hi-rise apartment for their late night romp in the hay, Pam throws both her hat and purse on the floor to her right as they enter her living room and Bud does so too just a moment after Pam does on his left.

So now though, when bud is walking out of her bedroom and entering the living room the next morning at the break of dawn, her stuff is nowhere to be seen and after he pours himself a drink at the bar his hat is now mysteriously on a table by the window and he put it on as he finishes up his goodbye cocktail...
Thanks to Stephanie Fitchette
Uncle Bob tells Bud and Pam that he and Corrine haven't been to Gilley's since Bud first arrived. However, he and Corrine were there for Bud and Sissy's wedding.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Urban Cowboy".
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