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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Comedy movie starring 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy et al.
Contributed by: Shawn Leach
'Weird Al' Yankovic filmed his movie almost entirely on location in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In narrating the commentary for the DVD edition, Al displays an uncanny ability to recall even the most mundane of details regarding the location of each shot.
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The scene when the switch is flicked on an editorializing R.J. Fletcher is a take-off on a similar scene in the classic Andy Griffith drama "A Face In The Crowd".
Contributed by: Bill Kemmler
When RJ junior gives RJ Fletcher his birthday gift, a watch, you can hear it ticking when he opens the box and he then throws it back at him commenting on how it isn't a Rolex and the ticking is how you can tell it isn't, this is because Rolex second hands move smoothly, they don't tick.
Contributed by: Bill Kemmler
The little boy that Stanley sprays with the fire hose is Adam Maras, the son of the stunt coordinator for the movie, Bob Maras, who is also in the cast as one of the thugs later on in the movie.
Contributed by: Leroy
In the scene where Micheal Richards character, Stanley, sprays whiped cream in the mouth of a fan, that fan is none other than Dr. Demento, a crazy dj that gave Weird Al his start and was the first to play Al's song over the radio.
Contributed by: Bill Kemmler
The head thug for R.J. fletcher played by David Proval later went on to be in "The Sopranos".
Contributed by: David Jones
Director Jay Levey appears as Gandhi in the "Gandhi II" commercial.
Contributed by: David Jones
Shooting began in May 1988 and was completed in September 1988.
Contributed by: Daniel Cohen
It was because of his role with Victoria Jackson in UHF that Weird Al was able to produce Smells Like Nirvana. He had been unable to contact the band to get permission to do the parody (Al fans know he always asks permission). So Nirvana was the band playing for Saturday Night Live, of which Jackson was now a cast member. So he called her up, and got patched through and asked, live - during Kurt Cobain's monolouge if he could do the song. Kurt said yes, he paused and then as an after thought asked if it was gonna be about food. (Al fans know that many of his songs are about food) Al responded, "No, actually it's about how no one can understand your lyrics." Kurt replied, "Oh, ok then".
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The secretary was played by Fran Drescher, who played the role of the nanny on the popular 90's sitcom "The nanny".
Contributed by: Josh
Stanley Spadalski was played by Michael Richards, who is famously known for his role as Kosmo Kramer on 'Seinfeld'.