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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1989 Comedy movie starring 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy More Cast

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for The UHF TV station in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at KGTO AM-1050 Transmiter, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Google Map

The UHF TV station looks like an old transmitter shack and antenna in the middle of an over-grown field. Weird Al's TV station building is gone. The drive and parking lot remains as does the tower. The tower looks just as it did when Philo (Anthony Geary) applied full power to override R.J. Fletcher's pious TV commentary with a tape showing his true feelings about the viewers.

Most of the scenes in the movie were filmed on location in Tulsa, OK. Including, Kuni's dojo and Al's apartment, The Burger World Al gets fired from, Spatula City, Raul's Wild Kingdom, Channel 8 and Channel 62 locations. [Thanks to tim]

We can't recommend enough the UHF DVD for inside information on the making of the movie and the locations. Weird Al takes time to list the exact street address of every single location used in the movie during the commentary!

The Plots `R' Us Cemetery was filmed at Oaklawn Cemetery at 1133 E. 11th St. [Map]

The Plots `R' Us Funeral home was filmed at a different location than the cemetery, at Rosewood Chapel. [Map]

Uncle Harvey Bilchik's home was at [Map]

Philo's Lab was at Jimmy Houston Productions 4466 S. 74th E. Ave. [Map]

Teri's Dentist office was at 7335 S Lewis; Suite 206. [Map]

Her apartment was at 4322 E 66th, Apt. K [Map]

George Newman and Bob have a drink while Stanley fills in for George on Uncle Nutzy's playhouse was at Southern Hills Bar & Grill at 2222 E. 61st St. [Map]

Spatula City exteriors were shot at Warehouse Market at 6207 S. Peoria. [Map]

Bowling For Burgers was at Rose Bowl Lanes 7419 E 11th St. [Map]

Raul Hernandez' apartment complex was at 330 E. 11th St. [Map]

The Station exterior was actually the transmitter for KGTO AM 1050 at Edison at around 57th West Avenue. The building in the movie was actually a hollow facade, there is no actual building there, just the antenna. The interior shots of the station were filmed elsewhere. I am unable to provide a Google maps link for this one as it's out in the middle of nowhere and street view is limited. Maybe if a local could drive out there with a GPS and bookmark it. This website Emily Elliott's web page might be of some assistance.

The station interiors were shot at what was the time the Kensington Galleria, now... Ironically enough it's the headquarters for TV guide‼ It's located at 7140 South Lewis Avenue. [Map]

[Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johannsen for the excellent above info]

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