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... Who leaves his desert island paradise to find his long lost Twin.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Comedy movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Kelly Preston et al.
The budget for the movie was a 'mere' $15 million whilst it's return at the domestic box office was more than $110 million.
Contributed by: Mlmlisa
The rich businessman who offered Vincent money for the contents in his trunk also starred in "Raising Arizona" as the father of Nathan Jr.
Star Alert, the parking lot attendent, Al Greco, is played by CSI:Miami's team leader David Caruso.
Contributed by: Robert Schwarz
The hitman appeared with Arnold in Total Recall, he played the mutant rebel leader.
Contributed by: Mallory
The blonde who played Arnold's girlfriend in the movie (Kelly Preston) is now the wife of John Travolta.
Many 'hard-core' Arnold fans felt at the time that "Twins" was the best film he had made since "The Terminator".
Contributed by: Rob Surette
Fellow professional bodybuilder, and friend of Arnold, Tom Platz appeared in Twins as one of Arnold's fathers. He is the short, semi-muscular, completely bald one. Tom was pursuing an acting career, however, it sadly never took off for him.
Even the critics liked the movie!
Contributed by: John Edward Kilduff
Major "Before They Were Stars" alert: The woman at the beginning of the movie who plays the mother of Schwarzenegger and DeVito is none other than the future "License to drive"/"Rollergirl"/"Felicity Shagwell", Heather Graham!
I believe Jeff Beck has a cameo playing guitar in the dancing scene.
Contributed by: Bret
The singer in the dance scene was the late Nicollette Larson.
Contributed by: Robert Schwarz
Also, the hitman appeared with Arnold in Total Recall, he played the mutant rebel leader.
Contributed by: Edward Fong
Not only do "Twins" and "Total Recall" share a common supporting actor, Marshall Bell (who played Webster and George/Kuato, respectively), but the silver suitcase holding millions of dollars that Webster seeks is the same silver suitcase in "Total Recall" that Arnold's character carries, the contents of which help him elude the bad guys.
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