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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Fantasy movie starring Michael Moriarty, Noah Hathaway, Shelley Hack et al.
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Sonny Bono (Peter Dickinson) was sadly killed in a skiing accident in 1998.
Rewind Archive
Phil Fondacaro who played the dwarf Malcolm was actually the Troll as well!
Contributed by: James Porch
The father of the family, Harry Potter Sn, was played by Michael Moriarty who was the lead DA in the first three seasons of Law and Order, which began in 1990.
Contributed by: Katy Nagel
Julia Louis Dreyfuss, "Elaine" from Seinfield, has a bit part in the movie as a tenant of the buliding who gets turned into a nymph.
Contributed by: Retrp
Noah Hathaway played Harry, also Atreyu in Neverending Story.
Contributed by: Kevin
Jenny Beck also played the Star Child Elizabeth in the V mini Series The Final Battle and the first episode of the full season.
Contributed by: Salva
I'm from Seville, a city in the south of Spain, and the "hat" that Harry Potter Sr. wears is of a soccer team of my city: the famous Real Betis Balompie... I don't know how could it ended there, but there it is... Funny for me and all the Betis supporters!!
Contributed by: Anonymous
Voice Artist Frank Welker who also lent his voice to other 80's films such as "Gremlins" and ""Cat's Eye" does the voice of 'Torok' the troll and all of the other creatures in this movie.
Contributed by: Veronica Luna
Phil Fondacaro will once again, play Malcom in the 2009 version of Troll.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Producer Charles Band can be seen as one half of a young couple on TV.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
The sorceror is an uncredited director/scriptwriter John Carl Buechler.
Contributed by: Nick
The picture of Galwyn in human form is also on the basement wall of Captain Manzini's antique store in the 1987 Garbage Pail Kids movie.