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The part of Amanda was written specifically with Drew Barrymore in mind who loved cats, by Stephen King. Drew Barrymore was close to Stephen King, and used to spend time with him and his family. At night Stephen would tell the best scary stories ever, according to Drew.

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They say a Tabby is one of the most ordinary types of cats, but a certain Tabby cat named 'General' proved everyone wrong in 1985 by living a life which was anything but ordinary. Only one of the most brilliant writers around, Stephen King, could bring us these creepy stories, never before seen through a Cat's Eye.

General's adventures start out in New York City, which he is drawn to because of an image of a little girl, played by the adorable 10-year old Drew Barrymore, who is telling him telepathically it seems, "Help me, help me. You've got to help me".

The cat is hypnotized and so does not see a man from a clinic called "Quitters Inc." who comes up and captures him.

James Woods plays a married man with a child who is convinced he is finally ready to quit smoking, and so is referred to by a friend to try Quitters Inc. Once inside, Woods starts getting a strange feeling, and rightly so. The company is headed by mobsters, who because of the death of their Godfather from lung cancer, hate cigarettes so much they will kill anybody in their program who chooses not to quit. Of course, the client gets three chances before this happens. How generous, huh?

From there, the cat is still following the image of the beautiful little girl which leads him to Atlantic City, New Jersey. There, the cat finds itself captured again, this time by an obnoxious swanky gambler who is going to frame his wife's lover, an ageing tennis pro, by putting heroine in his car if the lover either doesn't tell him where the gambler's wife is or doesn't make a wager. The tennis pro, played by Robert Hayes, decides to take the wager, which is to walk all the way around the ledge of a high rise building. Does he make it? Kitty witnesses it all and then "hot-tails" it out of there.

Finally, the cat finds himself in Wilmington, North Carolina, the home of the little girl. The little girl, Amanda, loves the kitty and immediately names him General, but Amanda's mother is a very archaic, superstitious woman who believes cat's steal children's breath, and so refuses to keep it. However, Amanda has a troll, yep that's right, a troll just like in the Billy Goats Gruff Amanda says, who lives in her wall and comes out every night with the intention to steal Amanda's breath away.

Will General come to the rescue? It is well worth it to watch this exciting, original movie to find out! This movie is an all time favorite of mine. I love Drew in the early days the best! This movie inspired me to name my own kitty 'General'. If you like this movie, check out Firestarter also starring Drew Barrymore. These are definitely 80's classics to add to your collection!


This movie is a definite must see for fans of Stephen King or Drew Barrymore. I love vintage Drew, and this is definately one of the best movies based on a Stephen King novel.

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Strengths: Original stories, great line-up of actors, and an adorable 10-year old Drew Barrymore

Weaknesses? Maybe not as scary as some other Stephen King movies, but still one of his all time best.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Cat's Eye