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Lex Luthor returns
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Jackie Cooper et al.
The actor who portrayed the ship's Admiral in Superman III, Robert Beatty, returned in a cameo as US President in Superman IV.
Contributed by: annericelover
Originally the idea of "Nuclear Man" was going to be "Bizarro" and features Christopher Reeve playing the dual roles, but due to Cannon's limited budget (causing the lack of Special FX and many deleted scenes) they couldn't do it.
Contributed by: annericelover
Christopher Reeve originally went to Richard Donner to direct again, but because of the stress caused during the original and the heartbreaking firing of the 2nd he declined.
Contributed by: annericelover
Over 80 minutes of sense making scenes were apparently cut due to budgetary reasons.
Contributed by: f00768500
I have a rather embarassing anecdote regarding the scenes shot in Milton Keynes...

First, having Christopher Reeve and his supporting cast and crew in my home town was a personal point of great pride for me, and even more so being there to see the scenes as they were set up and shot... imagine my horror at the constant and pointless acts of vandalism on the high school plinth, the Superman rig, etc., and that unnamed IDIOT I had the misfortune to attend the school's adjoining college with, who kept yelling "Hi, Mum!" every time the director yelled "Action!"

And THAT, my dear friends is the reason why Supes landing in the middle of Freddie's high school's football team's practice (and subsequent pratfalls from the gawping jocks!) ended up on the cutting room floor!
The Daily Planet moved between "Superman III" and Superman IV as the interior offices are clearly not the same offices that appeared in Superman, "Superman II", and "Superman III".
Metropolis LOVES Pepsi. There's a pepsi machine in the Daily Planet offices and there's a Pepsi adorned hot dog stand in the background as Superman locates Jeremy and Jimmy Olsen prior to the UN speech.
Nuclear Man was an original creation of the screenwriters, who had not appeared in comic books. However, the idea of creating a Superman "clone" was a familiar one in the comic books. Lex Luthor of the comics, created Bizarro Superman, the evil opposite number of the Man of Steel with chalky white skin.
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