Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Soundtrack


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The following song tracks were featured in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace:

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Revolution Now  -  Paul FishmanLife's Too Dangerous  -  Paul Fishman
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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Picture
Chris Reeve once again stars as the Caped Wonder
Score Music Composer(s): John Williams, Alexander Courage, Paul Fishman

John Williams wrote two new film cues for Superman IV - themes for Nuclear Man and Lacey. Alexander Courage conducted and adapted the score.

This is the first time Williams has returned to the Superman universe to compose new music since the first film.

Courage's score is interesting, returning the grandiose feel of the first two films.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Fanfare/Space Saver - Alexander CourageMain Title/Back in Time - Alexander CouragePow!/Good Morning - Alexander CourageSmoke the Yokes/Nefarious - Alexander CourageTo Work/Train Stopper - Alexander CourageSomeone Like You (Lacy's Theme) - Alexander CourageJeremy's Theme - Alexander CourageFor Real/The Class - Alexander CourageHair Raisers - Alexander CourageLacy/The Visit - Alexander CourageFirst Nuclear Man - Alexander CourageNuke 1 Fight/Ashes - Alexander CourageHeadline - Alexander CourageFresh Air - Alexander CourageUnited Nations/Net Man - Alexander CourageSunstroke/Enter Nuclear Man - Alexander CourageFlight to Earth/Introducing Nuclear Man - Alexander CourageLacy (disco version) - Alexander CourageLacy's Place - Alexander CourageEar Ache/Confrontation/Tornado - Alexander CourageVolcano - Alexander CourageStatue of Liberty Fight - Alexander CourageNuclear Man Theme - Alexander CourageDown With Flu - Alexander CourageTwo-Faced Lex/Missile Buildup - Alexander CouragePersuader/Awakened - Alexander CourageAbducted/Mutual Distrust - Alexander CourageMetropolis Fight/Lift to the Moon - Alexander CourageMoon Fight/Goodbye Nuke - Alexander CourageCome Uppance/Lifted/Quarried/Flying With Jeremy/End Credits - Alexander CourageSuperfly Guy - Paul FishmanHeadphone Heaven - Paul FishmanSaxy Sadie - Paul FishmanKrypton Nights - Paul FishmanWorkout - Paul FishmanLois Love - Paul Fishman
Are We Missing Any?

Score Trivia Superman IV featured the return of composer John Williams. While Alexander Courage was responsible for the film score, Williams wrote additional Superman cues for Nuclear Man and Lacey.

The Complete Score for Superman IV by Alexander Courage was finally released in 2008 as part of a Boxed Set also featuring the complete and remastered scores for Superman, Superman 2, and Superman 3 by John Williams and Ken Thorne.

Also included on the Superman 4 discs are the complete and previously unreleased 80s pop music tracks by Paul Fishman (Member of 80s synthpop band "The Re-Flex") which are featured in the movie. Several of these pop tracks by Paul Fishman can be found in the movie such as the Gym Workout music, however, some of these songs did not make it in the movie's final cut, as they were featured in deleted scenes, in particular the Metro Dance scenes which heavily featured Paul Fishman's music.

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace