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The ever lovely Helen Slater stars in this, her motion picture debut.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Action / Adventure movie starring Helen Slater, Peter O'Toole, Faye Dunaway et al.
Contributed by: Robert Baum
The film marked a reunion of sorts for Dunaway and the producers, as she had previously been in the Salkinds' "The three Musketeers" in the 1970's
Brenda Vaccaro, the evil Selina's sidekick in supergirl actually appears in the hit sitcom 'Friends' as Joey Tribbiani's mother, who comes to visit Joey after learning her husband is having an affair.
Only Jimmy Olsen from the first three Superman films appears as a connector to the original series, though there are references in the film to Clark Kent, Superman, Lois Lane, and the Daily Planet.
On the cover of Supergirl #1, the 1970's DC comic first devoted to Supergirl's solo adventures, Supergirl is ripping off the front carriage of a runaway bulldozer, just like she does in the movie.
In the comics, Argo City is a city on Krypton and only Jor-El's brother, Zor-El, believes Jor that Krypton is going to explode and prepares his city to survive the explosion. The floating city's ground turns to Kryptonite and Zor-El coats the entire city with a foundation of lead to protect the citizenry. Kara is born after Krypton has exploded. A meteor shower penetrates Argo's dome and the lead shielding and, as the Argonians die, mom Allura knits a costume for Kara to resemble that of her cousin on Earth and Zor-El fires off El #2 in the direction of the Earth before everyone apparently dies. Years later, it's discovered that Supergirl's Kryptonian folks survived the destruction of Argo City by propelling themselves into an alternate dimension, the Survival Zone, which existed as a parallel of sorts to the Phantom Zone, which brother Jor-El discovered and in which Krypton placed its bad guys. Supergirl eventually freed her parents from the Survival Zone and they went to live in the bottled city of Kandor, a Kryptonian shrunken city kept in Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
In the comics, Linda Lee is in Midvale Orphanage, not Midvale School for Girls.
In an interview with Slater that appeared before the release of the film, Slater related a story in which she met with Chris Reeve in New York City to discuss playing a Super person. As they were talking on a park bench, there was a fire and the firefighters showed up and started tackling the fire while, ironically, Superman and Supergirl sat on a bench across the street doing nothing.
Slater refused to participate in the making of the DVD and does not generally discuss Supergirl, which was her first film role.
In the novelization and comic book adaptation of the film, it's made clear that when Kara leaves Argo she ages several years from pre-teen to teen. This was eventually discarded for the film so that Slater could be introduced from the beginning.
Supergirl was originally slated to be released in the United States in July 1984, but it was delayed until Thanksgiving time. It was released internationally first, just as was done with Superman II, a 1980 film released in 1981 in the States.
Supergirl was the only Super film released without a "WB" logo at the beginning - it was a Tri-Star film distribution.
Contributed by: Jeanie
Director, Jeannot Szwarc, also directed "Jaws 2" and Christopher Reeve ("Superman") and Jane Seymour in the time travel romance "Somewhere in Time".
Helen Slater would go on to star in "The Legend of Billy Jean" with Christian Slater. (No relation)
The production team on this film, including the Salkinds went on to do "Santa Claus: The Movie" the year after this film's release.
Helen Slater was born 'Helen Schlacter' in New York city in 1963.
Contributed by: Troy Shawhan
Not big news, but Matt Frewer (aka: Max Headroom) has a cameo in this film with the ridiculously great line "That's just the way we are" during the early scene with the threatening truckers.
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