Supergirl Soundtrack

Supergirl Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Supergirl featured the following songs:

Artists are linked if they appear in other featured movies.


The great and I believe underrated Supergirl soundtrack contains an orchestral score by Jerry Goldsmith that is well worth a listen.

In this case it's thanks again to the SilvaScreen label who have remastered this classic score on to a new and expanded verion on CD.

The Howard Jones song "What is Love" was a huge European hit in 1983. WEA records (a part or Warner) used 'Supergirl' (a Warner production) as a way of introducing their new talent to the US market where he was hugely successful and remains popular even now. Howard was only 28 years old at the time. The song is NOT on the sountrack CD, but can be found on Howard's "Human's Lib" CD or on any of the many compilations of his work.Update Us

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