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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1981 Drama movie starring Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward et al.
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Star Keith Carradine earnt a Best Song Oscar for his rendition of "I'm Easy" (which he composed and performed) in Robert Altman's sprawling drama Nashville (1975). It also reached number 17 on the US billboard chart in 1976.
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Keith Carradine comes from a family of actors. His father John, his brother and half brother are all actors.
Contributed by: Matt Rocush
Powers Boothe appeared as a downed airforce pilot in the 80s classic "Red Dawn" and Keith Carradine appeared as a director in the Madonna's music video of "Material Girl."
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Powers Boothe won an Emmy award as Best Actor for his performance in the TV movie Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980).
Contributed by: Jon Pritchard
The Cajun trapper that shoots Powers Boothe and then gets a very clumsy vasectomy from him, is played by Sonny Landham. Landham has worked with Walter Hill in "The Warriors" in which he had a small role as a police officer, and "48hrs" in which he played "Billy Bear" who was James Remars partner in crime. He is probably best known for his portrayal of "Billy" (he seems to like that name?) in "Predator". Landham also ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Kentucky in 2002.
Contributed by: Becky
Fred Ward, (Reece) an established actor in his own right, starred in the "Tremors" movies.
Contributed by: Deana Shaffer
Lewis Smith played Charles Main in the mini-series "North and South".
Contributed by: Donal
Brion James is the Cajun trapper they capture, he is, of course, famous for playing Leon in "Blade Runner" and also as General Munro in "The Fifth Element", both 1997.
Contributed by: David Evans
Former NFL player Alan Autry plays the role of Coach Bowden, "the Avenging Angel." Autry also played Bulls wide receiver Balfort in North Dallas Forty. Alan Autry retired from acting in the 90's, and is now Mayor of Fresno, California.
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