Southern Comfort Soundtrack

Southern Comfort Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Southern Comfort featured the following songs:

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The Balfa Brothers
The Balfa Brothers
The Balfa Brothers
The Balfa Brothers
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Song near the end by cajun band was was "Parlez Nous a Boire". Cajun accordian player was Dewey Balfa of the Balfa Brothers. [Thanks to Travis]Update Us

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Ry Cooder


Ry Cooder who immortalised Paris Texas with guitar, does it again here with the "Theme" from Southern Comfort a wonderful cajun slide show, slow and melancholic it fits perfectly the pace and movements of the structure of the film.

The Cajun music included, lends an authentic overtone to the scenes where it is present and with Cooders accompanying piece "Swamp Walk" the soundtrack is a must for lovers of southern Americana and its unique style in audio transportation.Update Us

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1981 MGM / UA
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