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Shelley Duvall huddles in the bathroom as Jack busts in...
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1980 Horror / Occult movie starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers et al.
Contributed by: David Jones
Filming began in May 1978 and was completed in April 1979.
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After Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick's quest to find another project was long and difficult. His assistant claimed to have heard the thump of manuscripts hitting the wall night after night - until one night there was silence. The book was Stephen King's 'The Shining', sent by John Calley, Warner Bros' head of production...
Contributed by: Andrew Backhouse
Scatman Crothers also appeared in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) and "Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1983) . He also provided the voice of "Hong Kong Phooey" in the 70s childrens' cartoon of the same name.
Contributed by: Devolution
The remake of the Shining had the line "Here's Johnny!" Replaced with the not-so-memorable "Boo".
Contributed by: rory o neill
The hotel carpet in The Shining was copied in Disney's "Toy Story" as a tongue in cheek tribute!!!!
Contributed by: james ridinger
In 2006, the band '30 seconds to mars' filmed a music video called 'The kill' which involves the band staying in a hotel like in the movie and the same thing happens to them. The lady from the bath tub scene, the part where jack nicholson is throwing a ball in the lobby, and the ballroom bartender scene! It's an awesome video that is exactly the same as the movie so fans of this movie NEED to check it out ASAP!
Contributed by: J.R.
Actors considered for Jack Torrance included Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, and Harrison Ford.
Contributed by: See Pics
Joe Turkel makes a rare appearance as a bartender. He is most famous for his role as "god" in Blade Runner.
Contributed by: slasher finatic
Stephen King apparently didn't like the idea of having Jack Nicholson play Jack in the film, and tried to talk Kubrick into re-casting. He said he wanted someone more normal looking, to make the descent into insanity even more terrifying for the audience...
Contributed by: slasher finatic
After the film came out, a made for t.v. series version of the film was released on television.

I actually watched this before I watched the actual film. In the series version, the scene with the woman in the bathtub was portrayed differently, and in my opinion actually scarier. In this version, Danny goes into the room to find an all white tiled bathroom, with a white bathtub and nothing else. You can see a figure laying in the tub with their arms out around it and their head back. Danny closes his eyes and counts to 3, and when he opens them, the figure seems to be gone. He then approaches the tub and throws back the curtain to find the dead, decaying women lying inside. She attacks him, and he runs, but she grabs him when he reaches the outside of the room and is seemingly safe. It them cuts to commercial.
Contributed by: slasher finatic
In the scene where Jack is locked in the freezer and is talking to Mr. Grady, there are two boxes of Nilla Waffers and one box of Oreos on the shelf behind him (to the left of his head).

Adam McNeely also kindly wrote in to say that he also noticed some Tang & Sanka on the top shelf...
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Carl Yastrzemski had signed the Louisville Slugger baseball bat with which Wendy Torrance bludgeons Jack.
Contributed by: Amanda McLeod
In the scene where Jack enters the supposed-to-be-empty ballroom and finds a party in full swing, a close look at the band shows Stephen King himself as the conductor. (He usually has a cameo in any movie based on his books)
Contributed by: Anonymous
In the maze were Danny and his mother are playing, as Jack nickcolson is looking down at the maze, in the center of it is the hidden image 666 the number of the beast.
Contributed by: Jimmy Green
An outtake from the original opening sequence that Kubrick filmed for The Shining was used for the 'happy ending' of Blade Runner (1982). Ridley Scott contacted Kubrick to get some of the footage and Kubrick sent hours of raw footage back. If you watch the negative of Blade Runner in 1.85:1 instead of 2/35:1 then you can see the Torrance's yellow car travelling along towards the Overlook at the bottom of the frame.
Contributed by: Anonymous
The Shining was very memorably spoofed (as "The Shinning") in The Simpsons Halloween Special Treehouse of Horror V.
Contributed by: Hugo Pettitt
The whole film was created with Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) not actually knowing the film was a horror film. He didn't see the film, and realise this til 11 years after he did it.
Contributed by: Jim Sunderland III
If you look very closely in the cup on Stuart Ullman's desk, you will notice that there is a tiny ax propped up in it.
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Every time Jack talks to a "ghost," there's a mirror in the scene.
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