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"Carlos and I were very happy here"
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Comedy movie starring Tom Hanks, Shelley Long, Alexander Godunov et al.
Contributed by: Ariana Owens
Tragically, Alexander Godunov was found dead in his home by friends in May of 1995, he died of alcohol abuse with complications from hepatitis.
Contributed by: mlm_lisa
The old lady who initally sold the couple the house (Maureen Stapleton) is also in the Cocoon movies as well as in "Johnny Dangerously".
Contributed by: Santiago Velasquez
Alexander Godunov, who played Max, started off as an amazingly talented ballet dancer. One of his classmates and friends at the Riga Ballet school in Russia was Mikhail Baryshnikov. After graduating he toured with the Moscow Classical Ballet. In 1973 he won a gold medal at the Moscow International Competition. In August 1979 he defected from the USSR. The story grew in importance when his ballerina wife returned to the USSR a few days later. He joined the American Ballet Theater and danced with it until 1982 when he and its director Baryshnikov had a falling out. He was, by then, a frequent companion of Jacqueline Bisset. Sadly, Godunov, who also played excellent parts in "Die Hard" and "Witness" died in May of 1995. He was just 45 years old.
Contributed by: Nick
The Volkswagen Beetle covered in light bulbs is called The LIGHTMOBILE. It was created by Eric Staller, an American artist born September 14, 1947 and the first in his 'urban UFOs series'.

The little VW is covered with 1659 lamps that are computerized into 20 different patterns of light flowing over the car.
Contributed by: SSG Rik Guido
The lead crossdresser in many scenes, the one with the gravely voice is Lesley West the lead singer/guitarist from the 70's rock group Mountain.
Contributed by: Frank R.
There is a picture of Olivia Newton-John on Alexander Gudonov's wall in the scene after Shelley Long spends the night at his place. She has her hair up, with an old fashioned hat with one of those net-like things over her face. The picture appeared on the back of her 1985 single, "Soul Kiss."
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