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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1981 Drama movie starring Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Steve Forrest et al.
It was said that in a recent interview with the real Christina Crawford that the infamous scene about wire
hangers was all a lie to make Joan look more abusive than she really was.
This was the first film ever to "sweep" The Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE) Awards, winning five Dis-Honors from a then-record nine Nominations.
It is reported that in an interview, Joan Crawford said that if ever a movie was to be made on her life story she wanted Faye Dunaway to play her.
A month after the film was released to bad reviews, audiences flocked to see the film armed with Ajax and wire hangers to actively "participate" with the film in a manner similar to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Paramount seized on this new found notoriety and began to bill the film as a camp classic, with ads and posters proclaiming, "Meet the biggest MOTHER of them all!"
In the infamous "rose bush" scene, Joan yells "Tina! Bring me the ax!", a line the real Crawford used in the film "Strait-Jacket".
In an interview in the Hollywood Royalty DVD, Rutanya Alda says she once looked in Christina Crawford's real closet and she did have wire hangers.
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