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The movie was filmed mostly in Los Angeles, California. The scenes where Christina was sent to boarding school were filmed at the Chadwick School in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California. The Paramount Studios backlot was also used for several interiors.

The house used as Joan's is on Bel Air Road in lower Bel Air. All the interiors were created in the studio. [Thanks to Tom]

The backyard & pool scenes were shot at 355 S. Mapleton Dr Los Angeles Ca 90024. The home is currently on the market. There are some great photos of the house and backyard, and even the blue and white patio furniture is still there. [Thanks to Ray]

The interior of Perino's restaurant "damn it! Perino's in MY place!" was the actual Perino's restaurant, also used in American Gigolo and countless other TV shows and movies. The restaurant stood as a filming location for years before being torn down in the 90's to make way for condos. Perino's was designed by noted African-American LA architect Paul Williams, who also did the addition to the Beverly Hills Hotel, among other LA landmarks. [Thanks to Tom]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California filming locations used for Mommie Dearest? [Please send them in]

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