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Mad Max 2 Trivia

AKA: The Road Warrior
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Vernon Wells stars as 'Wez'
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1981 Action / Adventure movie starring Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Max Phipps et al.
Contributed by: Mario Murillo
For those interested in finding out what kind of cars were featured in the Mad Max trilogy, see our links section. Great photos and car details at !
Contributed by: John Mcgovern
There is only one other credited actor besides Mel Gibson who appeared in both Mad Max and Mad Max 2. Max Fairchild played "Benno Swaisey" in the first film, then played the "Broken Victim" in the second film. He is bigger of the two individuals tied to the front of the vehicle driven by Humongous.
Contributed by: Dwayne
In the first Mad Max film, the budget was so tight that only Mel Gibson wore a real leather jacket! The rest of the "leather" costumes were made of vinyl.... since it's cheaper.
Contributed by: k33tcn
The interceptor from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior can be found at 'Cars of the Stars' in Keswick, England along with many other famous vehicles from 80s films and tv programmes.
Contributed by: Richard Duran
The car for the films "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior" in which the protagonist/actor Mel Gibson uses, had what's called a blower in front and on top of the car's hood. Likewise, during some scenes in both films, Mel "Mad Max" Gibson uses an on/off switch, to activate the blower and to elude his enemies. The blower was a fake, it is supposed to be continously running when the car is on; it cannot be off when the engine is running. Thus, it being off while the car is in idle will cause great damage to the motor.
Contributed by: Anonymous
The Humungus was German, and his .44 revolver was used by a German ancestor, probably a Nazi.
Contributed by: Anonymous
The Toadie appears and sounds as if he's an American. BTW he is The Humungus' advisor.
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Though Mel Gibson was Australian, he was actually born in Peekskill, New York, in January of 1956.
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Mel Gibson was not seen in the original theatrical trailer because he was largely unknown at the time.
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Mel Gibson's outfit in the movie was worn for a reason: in the first "Mad Max" film, his right arm was run over by a biker while trying to reach his shotgun and he was shot in the leg too.
Contributed by: RE Zuleta And Darth23
'Virginia Hey' who plays 'the warrior woman' on "The Road Warrior [Mad Max 2]," starred, for three continous seasons, in the 'Sci-Fi channel's Original Series: "FARSCAPE[1999]." She played the part of 'Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan' [aka. the blue-skinned alien].
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Max's toy hurdy-gurdy plays Happy Birthday. He found it by the hand of an innocent victim-the truck driver.
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