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The Feral Kid
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1981 Action / Adventure movie starring Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Max Phipps et al.
During the final chase sequence, The Feral Kid hugs onto the exhaust manifold of the big rig driven by Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson). In reality, the temperature of this manifold would probably have been too hot for any human to touch, let alone hang onto.
There is an extra man in the truck with Max. He is only seen shortly after the door of the truck is pulled off at about 1 hour and 20 minuets into the movie.
In the part where Max finds a corpse in the rig... if u pause it youll see the corpse is just a dummy.
When Max t-bones the reddish muscle car in the final chase, look wnen the rig grinds the door on the road. Look closely in the rig's cabin. Youll see thats not Mel in it.
In the part where Wez throws a grappling hook into the rig's cabin, just before that, there is a shot of the back of the tanker where the camera is approaching. Look to the right of the tanker and you'll see a mysterious truck. It's probably a camera truck.
During the final chase, Max gets his left shoulder and therefore his left arm pinned by a barbarian guy. If this is the case, then Max would not have been able to shift gears, because the gearshift is to his left. He somehow manages to keep driving the rig, miraculously.
In the part where Max finds a rotten body in the Mack, it crashes down onto his shoulders. If you pause it, you'll see two things: First, Mel's stunt double did the scene. Second, the body seeems to be moved, if you take it frame-by-frame, by someone other than Max.
During the final chase, a barbarian biker hits an overturned dune buggy. The biker then flies and spins in the air. You can see the mohawk is fake as it comes partly off!
During the search of the rig in the beginning, the arrows are sticking out of the rig's door and the side of the hood. When Max and the Gyro pilot fire up the rig later, the arrows are sticking out of the rig's smokestack. Then, later the arrows are gone altogether.
When Max drives the rig towards the compound, his shotgun misfires. However, a breech-loading shotgun never sputters out, neither does the shell.
When Max is in the rig for the first time, look at the interior of the cabin. It should be bloody since the previous driver had 2 crossbow bolts in his neck. Instead, the cabin appears rather clean.
When the Dead Trucker's music box is played by Max for the first time, he pockets it and takes off. When he plays it again for the Feral Kid, it is not on the same note Max left it on, but they never show him playing it in between the trucker scene and the Feral Kid scene.
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