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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Drama movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr., Jami Gertz et al.
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Less Than Zero is based on the Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Rules of Attraction) novel of the same name.
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There is speculation that the character of Clay was based on Bret Easton Ellis himself and that the events in the novel reflect the real life experiences of the author. However, to the best of my knowledge, this has neither been confirmed nor denied.
Contributed by: Dennis O'Brien
Clay's last name, not given in the book, is said by Downey's character to be Easton, a reference to the author of the novel, Bret Easton Ellis.
Contributed by: Hector
Here's a quote from a Bret Easton Ellis interview, comparing his book to the movie they made of it: "Of course, I envisioned everybody in the book as blonde and everybody in the movie is a brunette."
Contributed by: James F
A young and pre-fame Brad Pitt appears as an extra in one of the fight scenes.
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Robert Downey, Jr. received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Charlie Chaplin in 1992's 'Chaplin'.
Contributed by: Lisa
This movie is said to be too close for comfort for Robert Downey Jr. who was also going through a drug addiction off screen like his character onscreen. But it's been noted that he didn't get any awakening from his stint in the movie. He was arrested on several drug counts years later.
Contributed by: Anon
Brian Wimmer, who played Boonie on 'China Beach' played a bit part in this movie.
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Spader and McCarthy co-starred in another 80's classic, "Pretty in Pink"'.
Contributed by: Ed
Spader and McCarthy also starred together in that 80's classic "Mannequin".
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Andrew McCarthy's first film was 1983's "Class", with Rob Lowe.
Contributed by: Penny Lane Ciccone
James Spader and Robert Downey, Jr. also starred together in the 1984 movie "Tuff Turf".
Contributed by: shawnrice
James Spader and Jami Gertz were also seen together in the movie Endless Love (also starring Brooke Shields)
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Michael Bowen plays Rip's (James Spader) smarmy sidekick, Hop. He also played Tommy in Valley Girl.
Contributed by: Stephanie
You might remember 1st seeing Jami Gertz in "Sixteen Candles". She was the one whose pearls broke as she & her friend stumbled down the steps, laughing. She was also a witness to her friend cutting Jake's girlfriend's hair that was stuck in the door.
Contributed by: Dennis O'Brien
Julian, played by Robert Downey Jr. is only a minor, but compelling character in the book. One of the book's most disturbing scenes involves Clay, who is tagging along to get money owed him by Julian, watching as Julian whores himself to a wealthy John. Other major differences between the book and the movie include a much colder relationship between Clay and Blair, Clay's own frequent use of cocaine and the diappearing or marginalization of most of Clay's "friends." Rip, played by James Spader, is a dark character in the book too, but it is a pimp, not Spader who is selling Julian and threatening his life.
Contributed by: Hillel
In the book "American Psycho" (also by Bret Easton Ellis), Patrick Bateman makes an inquiry about the actress Jami Gertz while visiting the VideoVisions rental store on the Upper West Side. The girl who works in the video store doesn't know who Jami Gertz is, but we know (do we?) that this is the girl who played Blair in the 1987 film "Less Than Zero".
Contributed by: Anonymous
Andrew McCarthy and James Spader team up again for the movie "Mannequin" with Kim Cattral
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