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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Drama movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr., Jami Gertz et al.
Contributed by: Steph
Blair is wearing red lipstick at the party but when she & Clay go out to the club, her lipstick is brown. Then she says the line "When you left, you left the both of us," which refers to her & Julian. Notice the backround is different when she says this - it's more blue, her hair is longer & straighter & she looks older. It seems like they needed coverage for the movie & called her back to do it, only they had problems matching this new footage with the old footage.
Contributed by: Stephanie
When Julian shoves Blair and she storms outside to have a cigarette and Clay joins her to make sure she's ok, her hair is straight, but when they cut to her driving home when they're making out, her hair's curly all of a sudden!
In the party with all the TVs, Blair's hairstyle changes as the camera cuts back and forth between she and Clay during a conversation.
At the restaurant after the first party, Julian makes a toast and says that he and Clay have known each other for ten years. Yet, at the very end of the film, Clay mentions he remembers when Julian was 5, his mother died. This is impossible since they are both around the ages of 18-19.
Clay's red Corvette is missing its radio antenna in some scenes.
When Julian uses a credit card to open the sliding glass door at his parents' home it's obvious that there is no latch or lock where he inserted the card when the door opens.
Contributed by: Robyn
About an hour into the movie when Clay and Blair are at a club looking for Julian, the camera is following Clay and you can see the boom operator. When the camera returns again he is gone.
Contributed by: Stephanie
Oops! The entire camera crew is visible in the rear-view mirror of the Corvette while it's stopped in the tunnel!
Contributed by: Trish
When Gertz, McCarthy and Downey are in the resturant (first time the three are together after Clay returns from college), Blair's cigarette is not lit, then lit, etc. She is waving it around while she talks and you can clearly see that there is no smoke coming from it.
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