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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Sci-Fi movie starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones et al.
Contributed by: logan5
Marvel comics released a movie tie-in comic book adaptation of the film.
Contributed by: Dave
James Horner also did the score for Titanic!!
Contributed by: Silvia Mendoza
Lysette Anthony played Lady Rowena in a 1983 BBC version of the classic novel Ivanhoe.
Contributed by: Amy Green
Actress Lysette Anthony, as a brunette, played the character of 'Natalie' in Bryan Adams' longform video for his album, "Reckless". Her character's name is revealed only at the end credits. The longform video was comprised of several short-form music videos, "Summer of '69", "Somebody", "Heaven", "Run to You" She was also seen in the early '90's remake of the TV series, "Dark Shadows". It aired on NBC from 1988-1990, and she played the evil witch, Angelique DuPres, as a blond. She was also featured in the Woody Allen movie, "Husbands and Wives".
Contributed by: Robert Moore
Freddie Jones co-starred with Martin Sheen and George C. Scott, who later killed Jones's character with a Karate chop to the nose, in "Firestarter"
Contributed by: Bart Shirley
In terms of famous cameos, Alun Armstrong is one of the soldiers. He went on to be the original Thenardier in Les Miz, and was in Braveheart and The Saint, among other movies.
Contributed by: MN
Robbie Coltrane is the UK's tallest comedian. He is a native Scotsman.