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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Thriller movie starring Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell, Armin Shimerman et al.
Contributed by: Steven Murray
The Hitcher was listed as one of the top ten most homoerotic films, and if you look at several scenes it does seem that Hauer's character is in love with Powell's:
1. The scene where the Hitcher puts his knife by Jim's groin and the police officer calls them 'lover-boys.'
2. The scene in which Hauer licks the two coins and places them on Jim's eye's in the cafe.
3. The Hitcher actually killing Jim's love interest, Jennifer Jason Leigh.
4. At the end when Jim spits in Hauer's face, he licks it off, and just before this he takes Jim's hand in his own.
5. At one point in the film the Hitcher blows Jim a kiss.
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Rutger Hauer was obviously a method actor from an early age: whlist in the Dutch navy he feigned madness and was sent to a special home for psychotic patients. It was an expectedly disturbing place, but Hauer held out until he convinced his ranking officers that the military really didn't need him!
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Rutger Hauer was the original inspiration behind Lestat in the classic novel 'Interview With The Vampire'
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"Good guy or bad guy, hero or anti-hero; doesn't matter to me, what role I play, only the characters have something magical." (Rutger Hauer)
Contributed by: Nick Napolitano
There is a sequel to The Hitcher called Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting. C. Thomas Howell reprised his role, but Rutger Hauer did not.
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