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Film facts for the 1987 Horror / Occult movie starring Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks More Cast

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The book that Ash puts on top of the bucket containing his severed hand is "A Farewell to Arms".
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The screenplay was passed on by Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox.
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A glove belonging to Freddy Krueger can be seen on the wall in the cabin. Sam Raimi did this to thank Wes Craven for showing the Evil Dead on the TV screen in Nancy's room in "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Wes Craven did that to thank Raimi for having a "Hills Have Eyes" poster on the wall in the Evil Dead.
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When Ash is possessed a second time, the necklace on the floor is laid out in the shape of a skull.
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Sam Raimi decided to change the blood from red to all sorts of colors to help the movie get an R rating. It didn't work and the film was released unrated.
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Ted Raimi, who played the deceased Henrietta, is Sam Raimi's brother.
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Sam Raimi went on to direct the smash hits 'Spiderman' and 'Spiderman 2' He has also dabbled in acting...appearing in the reunion drama 'Indian Summer' as a bumbling camping-ground assistant.
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Sam Raimi's brother Ted has appeared in nearly all of his movies! Ah, ain't brotherly love grand!
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Sam Raimi is co-founder of Renaissance Pictures, a company he started with film school friend Scott Tapert and actor Bruce Campbell (who also appears in every Sam Raimi movie.)
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Sam Raimi went on to direct a third chapter in the Evil Dead series called Army of Darkness, in which our smart mouthed, chainsaw wielding hero Ash fights for his life against an army of medieval 'Deadites.' Sam Raimi has repeatedly stated that he would like to do a fourth installment and it has been reported that he is going to start writing the script.
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During some of the production the crew stayed in the same house Steven Spielberg used to film 'The Colour Purple'.
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Betsy Baker, who played Linda in the original film, was asked to reprise her role but couldn't because she was pregnant.
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Original script was subtitled "Army Of Darkness" as Raimi intended to focus on Ash's medieval adventure but couldn't arouse enough funding. Raimi made sure the 2nd movie finished in the 1300s to setup this possibility in future.
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Ash's car in both Evil Dead movies is the same make and model as Peter Parker's uncle's car in the Spiderman movie. The original car belonged to Sam Raimi and he tries to use the same make and model in all his movies when possible.
Director Sam Raimi has an uncredited role as a medieval soldier.
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When the film failed to secure an R rating, producer Dino De Laurentiis used a dummy company called 'Rosebud International' to distribute it. Sam Raimi filmed the logo sequence and used the same 'buzzing fly' sound effect used in the original movie.

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Evil dead 2 was actually a remake of the first one, only a comedy instead of a horror. And its sequel, Army of Darkness is usually mistaken for the third film, when it is really the continuation of Evil dead 2
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