Evil Dead 2

The Evil Dead 2 is probably one of the best horror movie sequels ever made.

With so many sequels being utter garbage, this movie falls in line with such sequels as "Dawn of the Dead" and "Hellraiser 2". The original, was really creepy all the way through with some fantastic shocks and scares. It is a stupendous piece of film making, regardless of the fact that itís plot couldnít get more simplistic. The sequel masterfully blends this creepy atmosphere with dark humour, but doesnít overdo it.

After suffering the ultimate experience in gruelling terror, our hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell), is just about ready to escape. However, the last remaining demonic spirit rockets through the woods crashing Ash into a tree. Upon regaining consciousness he finds himself possessed by the spirits that are invoked by the book of the dead, and only thanks to the sunlight is he saved. However when the sun sets the nightmare begins all over again.

The movie starts off with an unusual flashback sequence, which confused a lot of the people who had seen the original. They had to re-shoot the flashback scene, rather than use scenes from the original movie because they couldnít get the footage from New Line. During the night Linda comes back from the grave and Ash is forced to destroy her. He goes on to do battle with his own hand, some pesky red-neck locals and, of course, the evil dead. With chainsaw and shotgun in hand heíll destroy these fiends, but will he make it through the whole night?

I loved ED2 almost as much as the original ED. I find that most sequels and most movies that try to blend horror and comedy are not up to par. But as a sequel and a horror/comedy this is one of the best. This movieís comedy is entirely slapstick, which I think turned some fans of the original off, but for the rest of us itís pure cheesy fun.

This movie is truly a marvellous addition to the Evil Dead trilogy.


Evil Dead 2, while not as scary as the original, is still a very enjoyable film.

For those looking for a serious horror movie "Evil Dead 2" is not the movie to look for. However to anyone who enjoys heaps of dark humor I definitely recommend it to you because it is one of the best.

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Strengths: Funny and thrilling, one of the best horror/comedies ever created.

Weaknesses? Confusing flashback sequences, makes some people think that it's a remake when it is not.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Evil Dead 2