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Ed Lauter stars as Chief Shriker
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1985 Action / Adventure movie starring Charles Bronson, Deborah Raffin, Ed Lauter et al.
Contributed by: kiddenim
In several gang scenes, one of the weapons they are carrying is a toilet plunger!
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Marina Sirtis went on to play Deanna Troy in Star Trek. She's a British actress, which is presumably why she has no lines visibly spoken on camera, (her Hispanic lines are spoken while the camera can't see her face).
Contributed by: Jessica
Alex Winter plays the Hispanic 'Hermosa'. He went on to play Bill S. Preston, Esq in the two "Bill & Ted" films and a part in "The Lost Boys". You may be surprised to know that - in common with Marina Sirtis - he was also born in Britain.
Contributed by: Nick Hinton
The handgun Bronson used was a Wildey Magnum, a truly extraordinary semi-automatic pistol made in the town of Warren Conneticut. The pistol was chambered in many different calibers but I believe that the pistol used in the movie was either chambered in 45. Winchester Magnum or the even more powerful 475. Wildey Magnum. I had the opportunity to tour the facility where they are made, and I was given the tour by the man who made them, Wildey Moore. Handling one of the pistols it was evident that they are indeed true works of art. He even had a poster of Death Wish 3 on the wall! The movie potrays them well as extremely accurate and powerful, yet controllable firearms.
Contributed by: Karl Murray
Gavin O'Herlihy, who played gang leader Fraker, had played Chuck, the older son on "Happy Days" TV Series. Also, the actor who had played the Cuban in DW3 had also appeared with O'Herlihy in a different sequel called "The Dirty Dozen's Next Mission" which Starred Lee Marvin, who Charles Bronson had appeared with in the original Dirty Dozen.
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