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The following song tracks were featured in Death Wish 3:

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Charles Bronson stars
Score Music Composer(s): Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page composed the music to Death Wish 3, and although I don't know if you can get the soundtrack any more (or even if it was ever released), the soundtrack to Death Wish 2 was available on SwanSong records and a lot of the tracks from the soundtrack of Death Wish 3 can be found there.

Also, as a tenuously related note to collectors, the much sought after soundtrack to Death Wish (the original) by Herbie Hancock is now available on Simply Vinyl records. Although it hasn't got any tracks in common with Death Wish 2 or 3.

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Score Trivia Jimmy Page also composed the music for Death Wish 2. In fact, there are only a couple of bits of music in this film that weren't used for Death Wish 2 as well.

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