City Of The Living Dead Movie Trivia

City Of The Living Dead Trivia

AKA: The Gates of Hell
City Of The Living Dead Picture
Christopher George plays the reporter

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Film facts for the 1980 Horror / Occult movie starring Christopher George, Catriona MacColl, Carlo De Mejo More Cast

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From a trivia perspective, without being facetious, one of the great things about the films of Fulci are identifying the influences from other films, be it expansion on ideas from his previous/later work, or indeed the work of other directors, particularly Dario Argento. As well as spotting the recurrent crop of actors/dubbed voices which appear across his different films. Here are some I've researched/noticed.

- John Carpenter's "The Fog" (1979) is another film which features a small US town being troubled by ever approaching ghostly threats due to an important date in the spectral calendar. Don Coscarelli 'Phantasm' (1979) is shot around a fragmented mysterious town which also has an isolated bar and a defiantly surreal storyline.

- Fulci said that he really enjoyed 'killing' actress Daniele Doria. She appeared in four of the Italian maestro's films. In 'City' she regurgitates her entire intestine trac. In "The Black Cat" she is locked in a boathouse to suffocate slowly. 'The House By the Cemetery' sees her have a large kitchen knife plunged threw the back of her head with the point protruding from her mouth! And in "The New York Ripper" she is bound to a bed and subjected to eye and nipple slicing from a manic with a razor blade and Donald Duck voice!

- The gentleman who dubbed the voice of Carlo De Mejo in the English language version of 'City' was also used by Fulci in at least two other films. Both times he was used to dub Paolo Malco characters in 'The House By the Cemetery' and "The New York Ripper". His voice is also used to dub Udo Kier's psychiatrist in Dario Argento's 'Suspiria'.

- Underground caverns similar to the one's used in 'City' were reproduced at the beginning of Fulci's next film 'The Black Cat'.

- The pick-axe, trapped tomb scene in 'City' would be later reprised in essence, by axe wielding father Paolo Malco as he attempts to smash through the cellar door to rescue his son from the clutches of Dr. Freudstein in 'The House By the Cemetery'.
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Director Fulci makes one of his customary cameos. This time he plays Dr. Joe Thompson a coroner visiting a crime scene in Dunwich.
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Michele Soavi, the Italian film director, appears as a young man whose date vomits up her internal organs and then has the back of his skull ripped out.
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Catriona MacColl said that 'City' was her least favourite of the three films that she made with Fulci. The others were 'The Beyond' & 'The House By the Cemetery'
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This movie was also released on video as "The Gates of Hell" and "The Fear".

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There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "City Of The Living Dead".
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