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The following filming locations were used in the "City Of The Living Dead" movie: New York City, New York, USA & Savannah, Georgia, USA. [Thanks to Charlie Edh]

One of the Savannah locations was the cobblestone access street behind the River Street stores, with its several pedestrian bridges, and Civil-war era brick walls, was used in the film where the boy is running from the ghost-zombies. One zombie jumps down from the overhead bridge. Filmed at night with plenty of fog, this location was really creepy. [Thanks to Fred Passmore]

The bridge on which the zombie (played by Michelle Saovi) jumps off to attack the little boy can be found on River Street in Savannah GA as well as the long stone staircase featured in the same scene.

The scene in which Mary Woodhouse (Catriona MacColl) is recued from a sealed coffin by Peter Bell (Christopher George) has been filmed on Calvary Cemetery (Queens, New York City). [Thanks to Michael]

Other locations are the cemetery on Abercorn St next to the old Fire Station is the cemetery in which father Thomas hangs himself. The characters enter from the North gate and many elements are easily seen today if you go to the graveyard. [Thanks to Scott Spencer]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Savannah, Georgia (or any other) filming locations used for City Of The Living Dead? [Please send them in]

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