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Cindy and Ronald have their first lunch together.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Seth Green et al.
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A limp urban rap remake of Can't Buy Me Love, starring Nick Cannon and Christina Milian was released in 2003 entitled "Love Don't Cost A Thing". Although it certainly is interesting to see some of the same scenes almost word-for-word in an updated format, the movie totally fails to capture the heart or success of the original.
Contributed by: Dave Imrie
Dennis Dugan, the actor who played Ronalds father, is also a director. He has done "Beverly Hills Ninja", "National Security" and "Big Daddy" to name a few.
Contributed by: Stephanie
In 1988, Patrick Dempsey won The Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture. Amanda Peterson was nominated for the film in the Best Young Actress category.
Rewind Archive
Michael Swerdlick, the writer, would later write episodes of the TV series "Boy Meets World"
Contributed by: Scott
Just wanted to mention that Bobby Hilton (the boyfriend that goes off to Iowa) is none other than George Gray who is most well known as the Weakest Link Host! I re-watched to confirm this and it is hard to tell, but it is definitely him :-)
Contributed by: Ashley
Director Steve Rash had previously cut his teeth on music videos. On Halloween night the guys drive past a movie theater playing "The Buddy Holly Story" (1978), also directed by Steve Rash.
Contributed by: William Stanley
"Big John" the blond jock (Eric Bruskotter) had a small role in "Crimson Tide" in which he got punched in the nose.
Contributed by: Courtney
Tina Caspary (played 'Barbara') was in the feature film, "Annie" when she was a little girl, right alongside Amanda 'Mandy' Peterson. I wonder if they became friends and stayed in touch until Can't Buy Me Love?
Contributed by: Alison Meeh
A pre-"Rico Suave" Gerardo stars as macho jock Ricky.
Contributed by: Megan
The Monkees Mickey Dolenz's daughter Ami Dolenz is in the movie as "Fran"
Contributed by: Annemarie
Ami Dolenz is the main girl in the 1980's teen flick "She's Out of Control," which starred Tony Danza and the mom from 7th Heaven.
Contributed by: Carolyn Gubala
Ami Dolenz was also on General hospital as Dawn Quartermain. I believe she was the second recast of the character and it was short lived. Ronald's geeky friend Lester was also in Gleaming the Cube. He played Yabo, the sidekick of Brian (Christian Slater).
Contributed by: 80sChik
Born July 8th 1971, Amanda Peterson (Cindy) also appeared in the original hit movie "Annie" as one of the little orphan girls.

Her first starring role was in the 1985 Joe Dante Movie, "Explorers" as Ethan Hawke's love interest.

Not a lot of people know that she was a top-level tennis player as a 15-year-old sophomore, saying in a 1987 interview "I'm an actress who plays tennis".

She was also in a short-lived TV Series "A Year in the Life" which costarred Sarah Jessica Parker. She was also in a movie with Kirk Cameron and Jami Gertz called "Listen to Me".

After wrapping up her role in "Can't Buy Me Love", she went to Colorado Springs for the state tennis tournament before flying to Chile for five weeks to shoot "Lawless Land."

The fantasy film WindRunner (1994), starring Jason Wiles was Peterson's final onscreen role. She retired from Hollywood afterwards and returned to her hometown of Greeley, Colorado where she was married, and divorced, twice and had two children.

Amanda was tragically found dead on July 4, 2015 at her home in Greeley from an alleged overdose of prescription medication.

Despite "Can't Buy me Love" being 'only' a relatively minor cult teen film, her death made headlines around the world in the mainstream media and caused an outpouring of grief from her fans.

Her co-star Patrick Dempsey paid tribute to her saying "In my memory, she will always be vibrant and young."
Contributed by: Teresa Parks
Amanda Peterson also played Boone's little sister "squirt" in the tv series "Boone" starring Tom Byrd.
Contributed by: Collette
Courtney Gains, who plays Kenneth the geek, also appears as one of the creepy European guys in "The Burbs". Courtney Gains and Patrick Dempsey appear together again in the 2003 movie "Sweet Home alabama". Courtney Gains plays the local sherrif and Reese Witherspoon's childhood friend, while Patrick plays her love interest.
Contributed by: Monica
Courtney Gains also plays the creepy guy, Malachai, in Children of the Corn.
Contributed by: Jennifer
Courtney Gains also had a small role in "Back To The Future" where he is agressively dancing with Lea Thompson at the time that Marty(Michael J. Fox) is starting to vanish on stage while playing guitar at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.
Contributed by: Terri Dawn
Courtney Gains, who plays Kenneth, and Darcy DeMoss, who plays Patty, both starred in HARDBODIES. Darcy also starred in "Eden" on USA Network.
Contributed by: Megan
Seth Green (Chuckie Miller) went on to star on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Oz, and the Austin Powers movies as Dr.Evil's son Scott.
Contributed by: Betsy
Seth Green also played child Richie on Stephen King's "It.".
Contributed by: Ruthy
Did you know that Playboy Playmate Brandi Brandt also appeared in the film but went uncredited? Formally married to Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue
Contributed by: Tom Pfeifer
Gerardo also stars in Wildcats with Goldie Hawn and Woody Harrelson.
Contributed by: Maggie
Todd Walsh, who played TV sports guy 'Stocky Jones' is now a 'real' TV sports guy and does pre and post game shows for Fox Sports Network for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and for the Phoenix Coyotes as well as being the sports director for KDKB-FM in Phoenix.
Contributed by: Timmy Floreno
Courtney Gains was also in "Colors" as a gang member (alongside Gerardo Mejía again). Try and figure that one out. I laughed for about five minutes after recognizing him.
Contributed by: Geoffrey Robe
Patrick Dempsey also appeared as Detective Kincaide in "Scream 3".
Contributed by: cantbuymelove
The girl who played Iris in the film is former Playboy Playmate Devin DeVasquez.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Another cast member not talked about on your Can't Buy Me Love story is Corissa Miller who was originally cast as "The Attractive Girl" and then changed to "The Transfer Student". She was cast with an under 5 role. I believe she had two sentences. She dated Eric Bruskotter (Big John) for a while after the filming and lives in Arizona.
Contributed by: evilash
Amanda Peterson stopped acting all together after 1995's Windrunner, where she played Julie Moore.
Contributed by: evilash
Patrick Dempsey is no longer a geeky kid. Cast in his "McDreamy" role in Grey's Anatomy, he is now a middle aged heart-throb. As of late, he is in the Disney movie Enchanted alongside Amy Adams.
Contributed by: Nick
When Cindy takes her Mom's suede outfit back to the shop, the guy says that there are no exchanges - especially if "the garment has been marinated in Ripple." (sounds almost like he's saying Red Bull in the movie)

Did you ever wonder what Ripple was? If you did, it was a brand of cheap fortified (added alcohol) dessert wine popular among the down-and-outs in the '70s and no longer produced.

So that was what Quint was drinking at the party where he was saying that he was a connoisseur of fine wine -while he undid the cheap screw cap, hence the joke!
Contributed by: Danielle
Seth Green, the younger brother, also appeared alongside Patrick Dempsey again as a patient on Grey's Anatomy.
Contributed by: Stogsdillalover
If you're from Stillwater, Oklahoma, you'll know that Quint is wearing an Eskimo Joes T-shirt when he throws wine on Cindy's suede outfit! The real actor Cort McCown is from Tulsa. You can read more about this T-shirt in this archive news article from 1988
Contributed by: Anonymous
"Scoops" the local hangout on Speedway is now a Los Betos (fast food Mexican). The "Arcade" next door is now a flower shop. Ryan Bachman who hosts Tucson Cab Tours has this location as lunch stop for his clients who visit and are interested in Tucson movie history.
Contributed by: Nick
At the airplane graveyard, the first plane that Ronald & Cindy look at, with the "real bullet holes" is a Navy McDonnell F2H Banshee, tail number 125177. We'd love to know some history of this aircraft (or the other in the scene) if anyone can help?
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