Can't Buy Me Love Soundtrack

Can't Buy Me Love Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Can't Buy Me Love featured the following songs:

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Can't Buy Me Love
One Lover at a Time
Atlantic Starr
Dancin With Myself
Surfin Safari
Certain Things Are Likely
One For The Mockingbird
The Cutting Crew
Secret Agent Man
Living in a Box
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Randy Hall
As Long As I Can Last
Randy Hall
All Night Long
Randy Hall
Hearts Radio
Tim Carbone
French Kissing
Don't Wanna Be Your Fool
Burnin' (For You)
Fallen Hero
Steve Grisham, Dwayne Evans
Please, please, please let me get what I want
I Cant Help Falling In Love With You
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Song Trivia

Thanks to Rey E.
Rebel Faction have since been going by the name Hesterquinn. They are now once again reviving the Rebel Faction name.
Editor Nick
Disney is believed to have paid pop star Michael Jackson, who owned the rights to Beatles' songs, about $175,000 to use the title song. The rights didn't include a soundtrack option so, as a result, there was never going to be a soundtrack release.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Robert Folk

Can't Buy Me Love featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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A wonderful, delicate orchestral & synth score written by Robert Folk which we can now fully appreciate thanks to Intrada's Limited Edition release. Even though it sold out almost immediately, there are still some to be bought at reasonable prices by following our links. Get it now before it's hundreds of dollars!

If someone has the sleeve notes to this release, we'd love to have some information from it please.Update Us

Score Trivia

Editor Nick
Did you notice how the first and last tracks are called "Rent Me" after the movie's production title at the time of the score being written of "Boy Rents Girl"
Editor Nick
Listen to the fabulous complete score on YouTube here

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