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Film facts for the 1989 Sci-Fi movie starring Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd More Cast

We believe the following trivia is all legit. If it's bogus or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Lindsey D.
The River Road tunnel in part two was also used in Roger Rabbit. It was used as the entrance into Toon Town.
Thanks to Phantom Planet
When old Biff returns the DeLorean to 2015 after giving his 1955 counterpart the sports almanac, he appears to be in pain and falls out of the driver's side door. Moviegoers were confused by this for a long time until it was revealed that a scene, in which the younger Biff shoots the older Biff, was cut from the movie. Spielberg and Zemeckis cited complications to the plot as the reason for the edit.

Mike kindly wrote in with an update: The scene which was cut was 2015 old Biff "disappearing" like Dave, Linda & Marty did from the picture in BTTF1. No scene was ever shot of young Biff shooting old Biff. The MAJOR problem with old Biff disappearing is that he would have never returned to the same 2015 he left. He would have returned to an alternate 2015 since he had given himself the Sports Almanac in 1955. It's the same way Marty & Doc return to an alternate 1985 for the same reason. That's why they cut the scene of old Biff fading away. The deleted scene is available on the BluRay extras box set.
Thanks to Michael J.Walters
Michael Balzary (AKA: Flea) of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, played the character "needles" in the film.
Thanks to Gem
When Marty first arrives in the future the cinema is playing 'Jaws 19'. It is directed by a Max Spielberg- the name of Steven Spielberg's eldest son.
Thanks to Alex Sahounov
The 'Blast from the Past' antique store in the town square has different relics in it, including Marty's denim jacket he left behind in 1955, his Super-VHS camera, an Apple Macintosh, and a Roger Rabbit doll and lunchbox (both movies made by Robert Zemeckis)
Thanks to Diego Diaz
"Lord of the Rings" star, Elijah Wood, appears in Back to the Future Part II. He is in the Cafe 80's and attempts to use the Wild Gunman arcade game with Marty.
Thanks to Mike Ferrara
Jason Scott Lee, who played "Bruce Lee" in The Bruce Lee story played Biff's chinese friend.
Thanks to Alex Sahounov
The actor playing the old man who asks Marty for a donation to save the clock tower is Charles Fleischer, who was the voice of Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The villain in the film was played by Christopher Lloyd. Fleischer is also the mechanic who repaired Biff's car after the first manure incident. He's seen later in Part II. In fact, it's the same character, named Terry.
Thanks to Domenick Shaget
One of the cars that look "futuristic" when Marty first goes into the future is a 1990 Ford Probe! (the black and red car) The car that Griff and his friend get into after they meet Marty in the cafe 80's is actually a 1990 Ford Mustang convertible!
Thanks to Alex Sahounov
Biff is watching "A Fistful Of Dollars" when Marty walks in on him. In that movie, Clint Eastwood uses a piece of metal to stop himself from being killed by bullets. In BTTF III, Marty does a similar trick with the plate off of a boiler to stop himself from being shot by "Mad Dog" Tannen.
Thanks to James
The 2015 hologram saying the Chicago Cubs swept "Miami" in the World Series is a jab at the Cubs' expense. The last time the Cubs won the Series was in 1908.
Thanks to Christopher F Smith
When Marty travels to the future and is confronted by Griffs gang, one of the members is a young Jason Scott Lee.
Rewind Archive
The two cops that take Jennifer home are the same cops who arrest Griff and his gang.
Thanks to Patrick Fleming
The college football scores Biff hears on the radio toward the end of the movie are the actual scores for games played on Saturday, November 12, 1955.
Thanks to Jay
Billy Zane makes an early movie appearence as one of Biff's friends.

Three years before BTTF 2, his first film appearance was as 'Steve', the daughters boyfriend in "Critters".
Thanks to Kasey
Marty spends a lot of time trying to get back the Gray's Sports Almanac. The book supposedly contains results of every sporting event for 50 years, but the book itself is about the size of a comic!
Thanks to Lindsey D.
After Old Biff brings back the DeLorean and Doc is entering their desired time, you see at the bottom of the time circuits that said: LAST TIME DEPARTED: 1955. This tells us Old Biff just returned from 1955.
Thanks to Jonathan Lim
The flight sequence seen at the start of the film was recycled from the Clint Eastwood movie "Firefox."In the scenes set in 2015 there is an ad for "US Air to Vietnam." This is an allusion to "Apocalypse Now."
Also, a Roger Rabbit stuffed animal can be seen in the window of the antique shop.
Thanks to Ernie
In BTTF Part I, during the scenes when Doc is working on the DeLorean next to the clock tower, watch for a man in an overcoat riding around on a bicycle, you will know it's coming because you will hear a bike bell ring twice. Foreshadowing the future??? You be the judge.
In Part II, when Doc and Marty go back to 1955, Doc eventually buys an overcoat, a hat, and a bicycle. As the movie continues he meets himself from the first movie, wearing those items and riding around on the same Bike looking for Marty.

Bogus Trivia

There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

The following trivia for "Back to the Future Part II" is apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

When Biff opens a Sports Almanac, he reads that Florida will win the World Series in 1997. At the time of the film, Florida did not have a baseball team (hence the joke). However, the expansion team Florida Marlins did win the World Series in 1997!
Biff gets his hands on a sports almanac that lists all the championship winners for the rest of the century. It lists Florida as the winner of the 1997 World Series. The movie was released in 1989, eight years prior to the Marlins winning the Series in 1997. Even more amazing is the fact that it wasn't even decided that Florida would have a major league team until 1992.
Biff reading that Florida wins the 1997 World Series does not happen in the movie. The movie shows Miami winning the World Series in the future, but they never make mention of 1997. This is a rumor spread after the Marlins won it in 1997 and is inaccurate. Please watch the movie!
I was watching "Back to the Future Part II" the other night with my two boys. Anyway, in the scene where Marty is walking through the alley leading to the Hill Valley square of the future you can see various posters on the walls on either side of him. My youngest son noticed a familiar logo on a yellow poster: DVD, along with its trademark disc underneath. Upon further investigation there are other yellow DVD posters on the alley walls. A bit of digital prophecy perhaps? Has anyone else noticed this?

Thanks to both Adam and Sean who wrote in on BTTF day (21st Oct 2015) with an update to this. Sean wrote: I saw this piece of trivia while watching the movie. I went to the alley scene and paused. The sign the family thinks says DVD (in yellow on the top right corner of the alley, about half way through) says DV8, not DVD. And those underlines were popular in the 80's into the early 90's. Sorry to burst that bubble.
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