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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1989 Sci-Fi movie starring Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Damien
Claudia Wells played Jennifer in "Back to the Future." In "Back to the Future 2" it was Elizabeth Shue. At the end of the first movie Jennifer (Claudia Wells) goes to see Marty in his garage while he is looking at the black pick up. At the start of "Back to the Future 2" they start off where they left off in the first movie. As Elizabeth Shue is now Jennifer they have had to re-shoot the whole scene. They didn't quite get it right though! Marty has longer hair in the second movie, he is also wearing a watch but isn't in the first movie. There is also a car in the background but it's a slightly different car with different wheels. There are also noticable differences to when he waves his hand in from off doc's face! Quite funny and can't believe I only just noticed these mistakes!

Thanks to Ian Mack who wrote in to say that you can watch the two scenes side by side here
Thanks to Ashik
While Marty and the Doc are trying to get Marty's girlfriend in the year 2015, Biff steals the time machine and travels back to 1955 to give himself the sports almanac. He then returns to 2015 to leave the time machine in its place for the Doc and Marty to travel to 1985. This is not possible, as Biff would have travelled to the alternate 2015, where he is rich and owns the entire town. How is this possible? He could not have made it back to the 2015 that Marty and the Doc are in, and thus it would not be possible to return the time machine to them. And finally this would make the second half of BTTF 2 and BTTF 3 impossible - just on the basis of a sensible story line.
Thanks to Gav Crabb
When old biff returns to 1955 and meets his younger self while sitting in his car you can clearly see that the lighting conditions were different on the days that it took to shoot each biff by the car, the day of shooting old biff was way brighter.
Thanks to Felipe Lema
While Marty and Doc are dealing with the Jennifer issue, Biff sneaks into the DeLorean and goes back to 1955, to change history, right? HOWEVER, Biff returns to the "old" or "normal" time line, where he never had big amounts of money or a big hotel, when he shouldn't have returned where Marty and the others were, as THEY did when they "returned" to 1985. Capisce?
Thanks to Emily
When Marvin Berry leaves the stage to call his cousin Chuck Berry, in Back to the Future II he stops and walks around a ladder that Mary climbed to get on the catwalk over the stage. Watch Back to the Future I and, when he is talking on the phone, there is no ladder behind him. In fact, that whole scene is different. The desk is different and the phone, and Marvin has his back to the stage in II whereas in I he is facing the stage.
Thanks to Emily
You have to listen carefully but, when the Doc says "Griff's gonna ask you about tonight", he says "Biff" by accident.
Thanks to Emily
As the DeLorean lands in 2015 at the start, the car has silver center caps (between the wheel nuts) in the front and back wheels, but in the next shot, they have changed back into the original black center caps.
Thanks to Emily
In the original BTTF, the band leader's hand is injured when he calls his cousin, but right after Marty climbs up the ladder, you can see that both of his hands are fine.
Thanks to Daniel Rosa Franzini
When Marty is getting hold by the corrupt Biff's men after getting back to the "alternative" 1985, his mother Loraine gets upset when Biff talks about George McFly (47m45s). Then Biff throws her to the ground.

Looking closely, Loraine shows up NOT using her pink shoe in the first shot. There is a cut, Biff punches Marty, and when the camera backs to Loraine, she IS wearing the pink shoe.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

The following goofs for "Back to the Future Part II" are apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

In a televised special broadcasted within the following year of Back to the Future Part III's release (hosted by... Kirk Cameron? Go figure!), it was revealed that in Part II, 77-year-old Biff suffered moral effects of stealing the DeLorean: If you watch Part II, you can see Biff, upon returning from his time-traveling meddling, getting out of the time machine. He bangs his cane (breaking off the top end, which later allows Doc to accurately make assumptions on Biff's activities) and is visibly in pain. But in the televised special, continuing footage shows Biff is in pain also because his changing of the past causes him to die/cease to exist in that future (explained in Kirk Cameron's narration as being due to a fed-up Loraine shooting and killing Biff in the then-altered 1980s). He fades away and ceases to exist just like Marty almost did when his actions in the past almost caused him to never exist in Part I.
Still, this doesn't explain how or why 77-year-old Biff would return to that future. Like Marty and Doc, he should've returned to a different tangent stemming from his 1950s' shenanigans.
A comment on the Goofs;
Once again the confusing nature of time travel hits certain individuals in the Goofs section HARD! Old Biff did, in fact, return to a 2015 that had been altered! We as film-watchers just didn't see it because at that point in the movie it wasn't revealed nor relevant to the plot. Marty and Doc hadn't discovered the 'altered' 1985 at that stage (they were still in 2015) so, logically, Biff's wealth and hotel DID exist...at least until our heroes travelled from the 'altered' 1985 to 1955 to change it all back. Capisce?
Doc Brown is worried about people 'bumping into their old or modern selves because it could mess up the whole space-time continuum'. This is shown when Jennifer sees herself in the modern home and they both pass out. Well how come Biff goes back to 1955 and talks to himself freely about the sports almanac with no effects?

This isn't a goof - it's because Young Biff doesn't recognise Old Biff - who tells him he's a distant relative. Jennifer only passes out because she recognises the other version of herself.
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