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Film facts for the 1988 Horror / Occult movie starring Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Joe Seneca More Cast

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The 1988 remake of "The Blob" was shot partially in the small South Louisiana town of Abbeville (population roughly 12,000), located around fifty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. In the film, the city is called "Arborville," and the location is Northern California. In "The Blob," the city of Arborville is a small ski resort town that relies on heavily on tourism to keep itself in the black. In the movie, the residents and shopkeepers are nearing panic waiting for the year's first snow, and signs that read "THINK SNOW" dot the city streets. After the crew wrapped up filming in Louisiana, Abbeville received it's first snow in nearly twenty years.
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Snub-nosed actor Kevin Dillon (Brian Flagg) is the brother of Matt Dillon, and had a semi-regular role on "NYPD Blue".
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Joe Seneca (Dr. Meddows) once sang with a group called The Three Riffs, and wrote songs such as "Talk to Me", sung by Little Willie John. He died in 1996 of coronary arrest.
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Joe Seneca can also be seen in Walter Hills "Crossroads" (1986) in a leading role as a bluesharmonica player.
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Donovan Leitch, Jr. (Paul Taylor) is the son of pop singer Donovan Leitch, and was once married to Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs.
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Candace "Candy" Clark (Fran) was nominated for an Oscar for her role in American Graffiti, and was once the live-in girlfriend of Jeff Bridges.
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Pons Maar (of Return to Oz and The American Scream) has a small role in The Blob - he plays the grouchy manager of the movie theater.
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The butthead deputy sherrif "Bill Briggs" is played by the same actor who plays "Dr. Robert Romano" in the TV show "ER", Paul McCrane.
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Actor Jamison Newlander, who had a cameo as a cinema usher can also be seen as one of the 'Frog Brothers', the over-confident young vampire killers from the movie "The Lost Boys". (The other Frog Brother was, of course, actor Corey Feldman).
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Director Chuck Russell was the man responsible for putting the "comedy" in Freddy Krueger for 1987's "A Nightmare On Elm St. 3 -The Dream Warriors". He also Made 1994's "The Mask" more comedic. The original script was very violent.
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Douglass Emerson went on later to appear in Beverly Hills 90210. He is Brian Austin Green who accidently shoots himself with a gun.
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Kevin Dillon also plays Johnny "Drama" Chase on the HBO show "Entourage".
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Shawnee Smith can also be seen as the ditzy 'Linda' in the Emmy award-winning comedy sitcom 'Becker'. She also appears alongside John Candy in the film "Who's Harry Crumb?".
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Paul McCrane, who played the Deputy, was also the robber at the gas station in the "Robocop" movie.
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Kevin Dillon, also part of Charlie Sheen's platoon in the film of the same name, rides two 60's Triumph motorcycles in the film. A 500cc twin cylinder Tiger which turns into a 200cc single cylinder Tiger Cub for the stunt jump at the end. The irony is, 50's 'Blob' star, Steve Mcqueen's favorite bike make was Triumph too.
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Meg's little brother, who is played by Michael Kenworthy, is also the little brother on Return of the Living Dead II.
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This remake was filmed in Abbeville, Louisiana (near Lafayette, LA) which, every November, gets together to keep a tradition of making an omelette big enough to feed the entire town. They use thousands of eggs and hundreds of pounds of other ingredients. So, you could say that they make a huge blob there every year.
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Actor Ricky Paull Goldin who played Scott Jeske went on to be a very popular Daytime soap opera star appearing as a regular for three different stints on "Another World" in the 1990's, he joined the cast of Daytime's "Guiding Light" in April 2001. Douglas Emerson who played Kevin's friend, Eddie, was an original cast member of "Beverly Hills 90210", he played Scott Scanlon for one season. Erika Eleniak who played Vicki DeSoto, became a Playboy Playmate in 1989, she would later go on to do a few seasons of "Baywatch" and play Ellie May in the 1993 "Beverly Hillbillies" Movie. Michael Kenworthy who played Kevin Penny, Meg's Little Brother, also starred in "Return Of The Living Dead Part II" released the same year.
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Shawnee Smith went on to feature in Stephen King's "The Stand" and as Amanda in the "Saw" series.
Look closely for an uncredited Chuck Russell as a theatre patron.
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Towards the end of the blob movie, Shawnee is shooting at the blob and yells.. "c'mon you can do better than that!" Kevin Dillon also shouts this same line as he is shooting at the vietcong in the movie Platoon made a couple years earlier.

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There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "The Blob".
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