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Song Trivia It is debatable if the soundtrack to this movie ever had an official release. There was a CD released in the late 80's that professed to being the soundtrack, with a score by Michael Hoenig (Tangerine Dream). The other songs in the movie were by swedish band Alien (end credits "Brave New Love") from their self-titled debut, Mike Slamer "Shattered" and a band called Hot Rize.

The song at the end of the movie is "Brave New Love" by Alien and can only be found on rare old, hard-to-find Vinyl LP records.

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Beware what lurks in the sink....
Score Music Composer(s): Michael Hoenig

Hoenig had previously contributed the score for

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in The Blob:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Main TitleBrian Jumps BridgeArrivalThe AxeThey'll Fix You UpTaylor Was A Good KidSleeping PillDinner ChatBlob Grabs GeorgeKilling The JamElkins GroveKilling ProjectionistBlob In TheatreStandoffCommand PostClose The ManholeEscape To Town HallSnowfall
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